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According to Love B. Scott, there’s some serious issues going on behind the scenes at the “Wendy Williams Show.”

The site is reporting that show execs want Wendy’s own husband & manager Kevin Hunter AXED from the show and apparently Wendy doesn’t have a problem with it.

If you’re not aware, Hunter has been working as an Executive Producer on the ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ since it started.

“Show execs want her husband/manager fired from the show,” a source told lovebscott. “Wendy is in FULL support of his exit amid their major marital problems. Things have gotten so bad that she is seriously considering filing for divorce.”

According to previous reports , Kevin’s influence on the show is making the entire crew — including Wendy — “miserable.”

“Kevin makes all the decisions and has become more and more controlling as the show has become a success,” one show insider tells Confidenti@l. “He insists that all show questions be run by him.”

Hunter has had Williams change her cell phone number so she is not as accessible to the many staffers on the show.

“He’s also hired her a new driver, who reports to him,” says our source.

The report goes on to say that things have gotten so bad at the show that producers have been warned that all scripts must go to Hunter before Williams can even read them. And Hunter must approve all the ideas for segments and celebrity guest bookings.

“Wendy is smart. No one can understand why she does not tell him to f? off,” adds our source. “He is making everyone’s lives miserable and is causing problems on an otherwise great show.”

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‘TJMS’ Visits Wendy Williams
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23 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Show Reportedly In Turmoil Because Of Her Husband

  1. margaret miller on said:

    dang I am so happy because the book says——–let he who has not sin throw the first stone!!! boy has she been throwinging stones! YOU WREP WHAT YOU SOUW!!! THAT IS SPELLER COUNTRY UNDERSTAND!!!

  2. ever since she proved how little she respects all Blacks and knows Nothing about the HBC I want her to go the way of Tamar, some get a little too big for their britches and have a memory lapse.

  3. WDCLadyT on said:

    It seems it took a long time of scratching and surviving for Wendy to reach her pinnacle of success. I certainly hope that she’s smart of enough not to let her husband ruin it all. She’s bringing home the money and he’s along for the ride…get control of your empire Lady and as for the husband write it on a piece of paper and put it to the side and see what God says.

  4. Julie Russell on said:

    Don’t y’all know that what she does is her JOB!! . SHE IS THERE TO GOSSIP, DISRSPECT WHEN THEY NEED IT, TELL THEIR BUSINESS, ASK THEM THEIR PERSONAL BUSINESS, AND ANYTHING ELSE SHE WANTS TO DO AS LONG AS FOX ALLOWS IT. She’s getting paid. For y’all, yes I said y’all that don’t like her then why in the hell are you watching her..DUH.! Go to Dr.. Phil …..LEAVE WENDY ALONE.!!!!! Let her do her thing. Theirs no one else that has the nerve to say what she says…

    • angietangie on said:

      That’s right Julie.. for those who talk shit about Wendy, I bet you they are the first ones to watch her show EVERYDAY… That is why her ratings are sky high. Wendy is Wendy. Oprah is Oprah. Monique is Monique. Let this black woman do her thing like all the others. Nobody dissed the late Joan Rivers when she dogged, dissed, and talked about people. Wendy knows what the hell she is doing and how far to go. Just like some guest she book on her show and they do not show up, because they don’t want to answer the questions Wendy may ask them so if you don’ t like to watch her show don’t watch her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!how u doin???? (in Wendy’s voice)

  5. I hope they do cancel wendy she is very disrespectful to everyone on the show it is nothing but a GOSSIP show. she was so disrespectful to whitney houston on the phone ,, I have heard be very disrespectful to Phlycia Rashad, these are people who are and where legendary. and then when she had Omarosa, on her show they where having it out on the show,, She needs to just let someone else have a chance to have a talk show she has been on long enough.she is so fake and she needs to just do something else. BYE WENDY I hope they do cancel her out…

  6. Cheryl on said:

    Where there’s smoke.. There’s fire. You best believe there is some validity to this rumor. I hope Wendy is smarter than to let him “upset the apple cart” because right now it seems to be on shaky ground.

  7. ButterPecan on said:

    Can’t wait until they cancel her show! The whole thing is just smoke and mirrors. She’s nothing unless she telling someone’s business. Let’s have a hour of hot topics about her business!

  8. mystery on said:

    wendy manly-looking- ass is getting what she get always in somebody crap down talking others– I don’t feel sorry for her

  9. Not surprised to read this as he was done earlier for ‘putting questions’ as my Jamaican Mom would call it to some previous staff.
    I have always suspected that things are not as rosy as she used to try to make out between them, she sings his praises way too much to be credible.
    If they were a couple on ‘Hot Topics’ she would have been following their relationship and saying things such as ‘What does he do?’ ‘What does he bring to the table’ and ‘Girl, you know you can find someone on your level’.
    I totally agree; Some man is NOT better than no man, particularly when you only have a piece of man!
    – She was rebelling against her nice upbringing when she found him, now she is slim and successful, she probably realises it.
    But there is a part of poetic justice about this as its a ‘Hot Mess’ and people who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones!
    – Sometimes, Wendy can have a nasty salacious side to her which revels in peoples down fall, not a nice trait at all.

  10. Angietangie on said:


    • Julie Russell on said:

      Tell them Angie, all of them need to watch something else if they don’t like her….I don’t like The Walking Dead”. So I don’t watch it. There’s a lot more I don’t like and I don’t watch them either.

  11. msstarr82 on said:

    she doesn’t check him because she’s only another weak ass woman scared to be with out a man. she is the same type as the lottery winner, just a more high profile dumb pretender. i am here to tell the truth “some man or a little bit of a man ain’t EVER better than no man!!”

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