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Reports spread like wildfire around the internet that megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar had said he was down with Donald Trump because … wait for it … God had told him to endorse the “Orange Cheeto” man.

The Atlanta preacher supposedly threw his support at the businessman turned politician, according to

“God came to me in a dream last night and said that Trump is his chosen candidate,” Dollar is quoted as saying. “God apologized for the mixed messages he was sending. I now know that Trump has been touched by the hand of God.”

The report said Dollar even compared the Republican presidential candidate to John the Baptist.

“Trump is like John the Baptist, sent to prepare the world for the return of our Lord, Jesus Christ,” he added, allegedly.

Well, if you haven’t died from laughing, here’s the real deal. In response to the story, Creflo Dollar released this statement:

“Any reports stating that I have endorsed Donald Trump for President are false. I have not endorsed any candidate and do not plan to. This rumor originated on a satirical website and is 100% untrue.”

Creflo’s spokesperson has since denied all allegations and says that Pastor Dollar is not endorsing Donald Trump.

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