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One of these days, folks are gonna realize that the world — or the Twitterverse — is always watching. A lesson that we’re sure New York Life Insurance’s Corey Multer wishes he’d learned before he violently came for Black Lives Matter leader Shanelle Matthews on social media. 

According to the Daily Dot, on Saturday, Multer contacted Matthews, a complete stranger, through Facebook’s Direct Messenger function leaving the following horrific note: “You f*$king racist pig whore. The world would be a much better place if you jumped in front of a moving train. Die!”


Obviously, Matthews wasn’t going to be quiet about this vile harassment.

The lead communications strategist for the Black Lives Matter National Network, Matthews wrote on her Facebook page that Multer may have singled her out due to her support of Palestinian rights and for other issues she speaks up about, the Daily Dot noted. 

“What Mr. Multer’s vicious remarks actually say is that my values and beliefs are not only wrong and unvalued but that I deserve to die because of them,” Matthews said.

“We all have a moral and ethical responsibility to hold accountable those who use rhetoric to incite unprovoked violence, to affirm that a grievance of disagreement does not warrant a death wish, and that people’s sexual proclivities don’t make them disposable,” she added. 

But Matthews wasn’t done.

She later found out that Multer worked at New York Life Insurance as their Managing Director (which was on his profile page for everyone to see) and then she reached out to his employer via Twitter to show them how horrible their employee is.

And while one would think Multer’s firing should have been swift, it appeared that New York Life was dragging their feet a bit, Tweeting that they were “looking into it,” after Matthews said on Twitter that she’d made numerous phone calls without getting a prompt response.

Finally, the good news hit:

In the end, it’s clear that Multer thought he would get away with this racist and sexist nonsense, but clearly, he messed with the wrong one.

Not this time indeed.

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7 thoughts on “Insurance Company Fires Manager For Telling Black Lives Matter Activist To ‘Die’

  1. Unfortunately this guy with his racist views and white privilege demeanor will get hired by another company until someone exposed his social media nonsense.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Whether he did or didn’t his name is out there, so people know what kind of person he is, starting with his co-workers, so somebody knows whether is was really fired.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    I borrowed this but it fits “getting rid of racists one tweet at a time”. Keep those tweets going racist assholes, glad you’re finally taking those white hoods off.


    another one learns a lesson. there are more to come, let’s not continue to let them get away with it. hit them in the pocketbook where it hurts. next….

  4. White privilege isn’t going away any time soon. But I’m savoring this victory today.
    He came for the wrong Black woman and it cost him his livelihood. Him and others like him, will learn today!

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