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Sean “Diddy” Combs’ son Justin Combs is looking to follow in his dad’s entrepreneurial footsteps.

The 22-year-old recent UCLA grad has partnered with fellow alum Kenechukwu “Kene” Orjioke and former “Two and a Half Men” star Angus T. Jones to form Tonite, a multimedia and event production company, reports Billboard.

The goal is to “create an experience for our generation and to create the ultimate happy feeling, a high feeling, an ecstatic feeling, something they’ve never felt before when they come to one of our events,” Justin told Billboard of the venture.

Jones said he met Combs through a mutual friend, Sherrard, from the University of Colorado at Boulder. “A couple months back now, he introduced me to Kene and Justin,” said Jones. “I came out to California and got to hang out and get to know the whole idea.”

Below, Justin Combs, Angus T. Jones and Kenechukwu “Kene” Orjioke share their vision for Tonite with Billboard:

Justin, what business lessons has your dad bestowed on you?

Combs: Nothing ever goes your way so you make it go your way. You have to just keep fighting and keep dreaming and keep going. He openly talks about his failure more than his successes and it got him to where he is today. He’s like, “Don’t be discouraged. Don’t be scared to take a chance and just go with what you want.”

Have you encountered any pushback in trying to put this company together?

Combs: Yeah, most definitely. As far as the company, we have a solid foundation but our first privatized event that we had put together had a great turnout but there were so many things that we learned. Kene and I tried to do a lot of the things ourselves. We just learned and were still successful. It was a great experience. A lot of times people learn things the hard way.

Is there a business blueprint that you guys follow?

Jones: Kene is the brains behind a lot of the things going on. My role has been just trying to figure out, advise and be present but Kene has hatched this. I know that he was studying Ultra and Coachella [festivals] and him and Justin were brainstorming. It was Justin and Kene that were thinking, “OK, this is where I’m at and we can leverage this.” Sherrard has a lot of connections into the sports world and Kene as well because they played football. Justin, also. I’m the only non-footballer on the team. I’m the weak one in this situation. [Laughs] They started to see the resources that they had and were seeing where the market is right now so it’s kind of a mosh of a few different things.

Justin, with your dad’s Epic Records partnerships, are you planning on working with Epic Records artists?

Combs Yeah, most definitely. That’s definitely something we plan on doing. I’m not sure exactly who yet but that’s something that’s going to definitely happen in the near future.

Anything else you guys would like to add?

Combs: I just feel like it’s time to just enjoy yourself and not focus on Snapchatting and the extra stuff. We want our [events] to be so in the moment, you don’t bother picking up your phone. We want the youth and people to just get back to being in the moment, stop worrying about social media and how they look, and everything like that. It’s time to get back to people feel good and just enjoying themselves. So hopefully through the grace of God, we create that feeling and give that to people and bring that back to the culture.

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