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So, Power’s back and so much has happened. We’re recapping from Episode 2, so follow along each week with us and let us know what you think.

Episode 2: “It’s Never Over” opens with Ghost (Omari Hardwick) and his side chick/favorite Fed, ASA Angela Valdes (Lela Loren) in bed together. We give it to actress Lela Loren, she must have some amazing body confidence, because she spends a lot of time naked on the show. Well, lovers do have sex, people, especially childhood lovers reunited after lying to each other and risking their careers, lives and families to be together. Ghost is tossing and turning because he has a lot on this mind –  like staying alive now that he knows that Lobos is alive.

So he meets with his lawyer, Proctor (Jerry Ferrera) who gives him the reality check that Angela is probably the only one that can help him locate Lobos. Too bad she’s an ex. Oh, wait, she’s not. But Ghost says he’s cost her enough already and can’t find out from her. Ahh, Ghost, that’s so sweet. But so is staying alive.

Back at Angela’s office, Jefe/Lobos’ secret boy and Angela’s boss, Sandoval (David Fumero) is hoping to stay alive, too, by successfully keeping Lobos under wraps. Unfortunately for him, he has people working with him who actually want Lobos to do time for his crimes. So here goes Angela talking about reviewing out-of-state Lobos files. Sandoval says he’s taking care of it. Wanna bet those files disappear now that he knows she wants them?

Saxe, (Shane Johnson) who’s that annoying guy in the office that always wants to outshine you, has a great idea – if the Feds can find out who attacked Lobos, maybe they can take down the Jimenez, too! Sandoval says good idea, but thinks bad idea. Fortunately, he has more friends in low places and the guy who offed Lobos’s time is numbered. Saxe won’t get that interview today, cause dude’s dead by the time he gets to the jail.

On to Ghost. He’s got to find Tommy because he now knows Lobos is gunning for him. Oh, but he doesn’t know Tommy is the assigned hitter. Sucks for him. Tommy’s got his own problems. Aside from having to kill Ghost, he’s got to deal with Holly (Lucy Walters) who’s looking for Belle, the dog that she thinks is missing but Tommy knows has gone on to the rainbow bridge. Dang, Tommy how long are you going to let Holly think the dog has just gotten lost? Holly has not gotten any less annoying despite her grief.

Ghost has a check for Tommy – the buyout of the Laundromat business. When Tasha (Naturi Naughton) goes to give it to Tommy, he plays her like an ex-girlfriend he hit and quit who thought they were in love. Tasha manages to get it to him anyway, via Holly. But Holly, once she sees the amount of numbers on the check, and after trying to deposit it with no success, (so she’s a grifter playing the long game, not a Fed) figures out that Tasha’s business smarts might help them prosper in using that clean money to wash some dirty money.

So, by episodes’s end, we’ve got a new crime trio in town.

Tasha and Ghost agree on a sleepover with the kids and yes, that means all three. Baby Yasmine is back. After Tasha graciously approves the childproofing over at Angela’s place, the kids come over and things are going sorta OK, until Ghost leaves in the middle of the night and his son Tariq noses around and finds Angela’s work gun. Uh-oh.

Turns out Ghost’s secret nighttime meeting is with Tommy, who finally decides he needs to get on that whole killing Ghost for Lobos thing, since after the dog, Holly’s next on the DOA list. Tommy hides from Ghost’s view and gets him in his gun sights. But dammit, Tommy didn’t figure on being the type of dude who can’t kill his boy of 20 years in cold blood. So he lets Ghost walk away. It’s good to know that Tommy has somewhat of a conscience. Well, until he turns around and beats down an employee for no good reason after sniffing a good part of their coke supply. Tommy, you never heard the song “Ten Crack Commandments?”

When Tommy makes it home, a pitiful mess, here comes Holly. He finally tells her the truth about poor Belle and Holly recognizes that she’s got to do what a gun moll is supposed to do – get her dude to man up and drop some bodies. After all, she’s already been shot, so she’s figuring that the next time, the odds are against her survival. She and Tommy agree to no secrets anymore, including depositing checks behind his back. Ahhh, dysfunctional love.

In the meantime, the straight club life has its problems, too. Dre, now going by Andre, for club purposes, understands these streets, but doesn’t understand how to handle prissy deejays who need fresh-squeezed OJ delivered to the DJ booth every half hour. Ghost tells Dre he’s got to get past his past. But we’re not sure Dre’s convinced. When Ghost meets with two VIP’s at the club, he’s hoping they will bring some business to his other spots. Oh, psyche. Ghost finds out they’re frauds who own another club. Dre’s street habits kick in again, and he wants to at least kick their asses. Instead, Ghost interrupts their dinner with a hot hotelier who’s looking to open a club in one of her properties. Advantage: Ghost. He plays chess not checkers, ya’ll.

Quote of the Episode: “She wasn’t a drive by. He parked.” – Tasha on Angela’s elevated side chick status.

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