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She’s back. Siobvaughn Funches, Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife, has just penned a new tell-all book amid reports she’s asked to redo the divorce settlement now that Wade is moving back to Chicago. In the book, she alleges again that Wade was abusive and that she lost her two sons, who Wade has full custody of, in an unfair divorce. Wade’s book, The True Story for God’s Glory, talks about how Siobvaughn Wade’s high school sweetheart, and her family took Wade in when his mother was on drugs while he was in high school. She’s previously told much of her story on TV interviews and in various other media outlets.

The Chicago Tribune reports: 

n an emotionally raw autobiography published late last month, the basketball player’s former high school sweetheart admits she became “an arrogant diva” to try to fit in with the NBA wives club, repeats allegations made in court during a divorce battle that Wade beat her, and claims an unnamed mistress of Wade’s called her at 3 a.m. to boast about her trysts with Wade.

She also complains that living with Wade in Miami was like living in a “$4 million … prison,” alleges that an unnamed former teammate of Wade’s with the Miami Heat “suggested that I have an affair right after a game while still inside the Miami Heat Arena,” and writes about her regrets over an abortion she had during a “hell on high heels life.”

Wade — who consistently denied allegations that he beat his ex-wife throughout a bitter but successful custody battle with Funches-Wade and who told his own version of the divorce story in a 2012 book — did not respond this week to requests for comments made through his lawyers and agent.

Funches-Wade, who also did not respond to interview requests, describes herself as “a renowned public speaker” on the jacket of her book. In it, she writes extensively about her Christian faith, which she says helped her to rebound from the ugly divorce and go to law school.

She would have done anything for Wade “legal or not,” she wrote, adding that when they were poor Chicago-area teens in south suburban Robbins, she once stole a pair of basketball sneakers for him by putting “on men’s basketball shoes over the top of my own shoes and walking out of the store with them on.”

Once they hit it rich, the stylish Wade would spend as much as $100,000 a month on custom clothes, she wrote.

But when their marriage turned sour, she alleged in the book, he’d tell her “I want to sow my wild oats” and “This isn’t your money and if you leave, nobody is going to want you and you aren’t going to have anything without me. You will end up having to go back and live at your mama’s house!”

Funches-Wade writes that she later found pictures and instant messages from other women on Wade’s phone. The marriage ended soon after, according to Funches-Wade’s account, when a woman called her in the middle of the night and told her she had just slept with Wade. The woman gave “a description of the underwear he was wearing,” Funches-Wade wrote.

Still, Funches-Wade writes that money was the cause of her greatest struggle.

“I got divorced and had both my children wrongfully taken from me, I lost my home and my health, my reputation was destroyed,” she wrote. “But it was all nothing compared to the pain I felt from the love of money. From that pain I am still healing to this day.”

“I had never felt in my life true emptiness until my bank account was full.”

Funches and Wade were divorced in 2010 but Funches has been in the media several times since. She lost custody of her children Zion and Zaire, now 14 and 11-years-old in 2011. To date, she has gone through more than 10 attorneys in her court battles with Wade. After having a son by anothe woman in 2013, Wade married actress Gabrielle Union in 2014.

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