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Who says grandpas can’t be sexy? Irvin Randle, a 54-year-old grandad from Houston is stopping ladies, young and old, in their tracks with dapper physique and attire.

Randle, a granddaddy to 2, works as an elementary school teacher, and is in better shape than most men half his age.

Steamy snaps of Randle have emerged with the hashtag #MrStealYourGrandma and everyone wants a piece of him.

His salt & pepper beard, tight jeans, opened-collar shirts and subtle pout started to trend on Twitter this week, but Irvin didn’t even know what trending meant.

He told Houston Chronicle a friend from Nigeria noticed his pictures had seven million likes. He said: ‘I was amazed at first. Now, I’m overwhelmed. I appreciate all the great comments.’

When asked about his hip style of dress, he said: ‘I’ve always dressed like this. I’ve just been wearing things a little tighter that’s all.’

In case you’re wondering, as of now, Mr. Randle has 67.8k followers on his Instagram page.

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(Photo Source: Instagram)

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