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Be Ready. Returning to your natural roots can be a scary thought. You wonder what those closest to you will think. It was May 2012, the day after Memorial Day I went to the barbershop and said, “cut it off”.

That night I stood in the mirror wondering what the next morning would be like and what my co-workers would think. But you know what? I was ready. As soon as I arrived at work I got stares, good and bad compliments. One guy asked if something bad was going on in my life for me to cut off my hair. I will admit his reaction did hurt my feelings. But as the day continued I told myself that would not let the opinions of others affect my decision to go natural. This was my choice and I made the decision to own my look! So be ready emotionally and mentally.

Shine Will Not Be The Same. I’m sure you look in the mirror and say “My hair doesn’t shine like it did when I was relaxed.” Well new-natural, it’s not going to shine like a new diamond. Natural hair organically has a dull appearance; but don’t get discouraged! Products and treatments such as: steamers, oils, and moisturizers will help add shine to the hair.

Oh and let’s not forget that your edges will no longer be laid – they will be puffy and frizzy. But there are edge control products to tame those edges and, depending on your hair type, those edges will be semi to perfectly laid.

And last Confidence. Be confident about your decision. Don’t go natural because it seems cool or you think your hair will look like someone on the internet, because it won’t! During my relaxed days people would say “Girl you got that good hair, you must have some Indian in your family”.

Listening to that nonsense I created a fictitious image thinking that my natural hair would be laid like Halle Berry. All I would have to do is add water, a little mousse and my curls would be popp’in. Well guess what? That didn’t happen! My hair has very little curl definition when wet or dry and to manipulate my curl pattern I always do a twist out or flat twist which is my go to style.

Through trial and error and learning my hair texture I now know what my hair likes and dislikes. My natural hair care regimen is simple as 1-2-3 but in the beginning I would spend an entire day doing my hair. So new natural – don’t lose hope! Remember to Be Ready, Shine, and have Confidence and you’ll soon be on your way to loving your new natural hair.

I hope these 3 Key Tips for New Naturals will help in your natural hair journey.

Are you a New Natural? What are your natural hair struggles? Let me know. Leave a comment below.

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