Be Ready. Returning to your natural roots can be a scary thought. You wonder what those closest to you will think. It was May 2012, the day after Memorial Day I went to the barbershop and said, “cut it off”. That night I stood in the mirror wondering what the next morning would be like […]

When women decided to return to their natural roots there was an explosion of naturals trying to figure out their hair type by identifying their cur pattern. To be honest I never played into the hair typing system because I knew there had to more to natural hair care besides knowing your curl pattern. The […]

Deciding to go natural is a big step, but trying to figure out if you should transition or big chop is a tough decision. When I decided to go natural in 2012 I made the drastic decision to big chop. I had a few up and down moments wondering if I had made the right […]

Have you ever used a product and felt it did nothing for your hair? Or that the product just sat on the hair without absorbing into the hair strands? Are you wondering why some products don’t seem to work effectively for your hair texture? I’m sure that 99.9 percent of the reason why you feel […]

Gray hair typically reminds us of older people such as: grandparents, aunties, uncles, and probably your parents. But last year in 2015 there was no age limit on gray hair. My Instagram news feed was filled with pictures of young women sporting gray highlights. I have a few gray hairs but I usually cover them […]

In the beginning of your natural hair journey the #1 goal is to grow long hair. At one point everyone on YouTube was talking about length check. Length check list: – Eyebrow – Nose – Ear – Lip – Chin – Bra strap – Knee “ok knee length may be a bit extreme, ha!” It’s […]

Are you confused when you hear the words sulfate, clarifying, or cowash? Do you know when to use a shampoo or cowash on your natural hair? Below I’ll explain the difference between sulfate, clarifying, and cowash. Sulfate Shampoos are known to strip the hair of its natural oils and moisture. This is not necessarily the […]

Are you a man (or woman) and you’ve recently decided to rock a bald head? More power to you! But, here’s the thing: If you’re…

Michelle Obama: First Lady, style icon and the epitome of a strong, black woman. While many wonder what she will do next, or what she’ll have on next, others ask who’s responsible for her flawless hairstyles. Johnny Wright, the First Lady’s exclusive hairstylist, and artistic style director for SoftSheen-Carson, is the First Lady’s go-to guy […]