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Dr. Diarra Blue (pictured, right)  is one of three founding members of the Animalscopic veterinarian group. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Blue gained a passion for animals during his early adolescence by becoming the neighborhood veterinarian for household pets. He later attended Tuskegee University where he received a Bachelor of Animal Science and a Doctor of Veterinary medicine.

Before receiving his DVM, Dr. Blue’s professional experience includes Dauphin Island Sea Lab, Tuskegee University Comparative Animal Medicine Laboratory, E.V. Smith Dairy Farm and student representative for Fort Dodge Animal Health. As a practicing veterinarian, Dr. Blue began working in Las Vegas, Nevada for two leading veterinarian hospitals, Ann Road and Grand Montecito Animal Hospital.

Dr. Blue has also worked as a veterinarian for the Lied Animal Shelter of Las Vegas. Now Practicing in the greater Houston, Texas area, Dr. Blue also manages the Conroe Animal Adoption Center when he is not practicing at Cy-Fair Animal Hospital.

He and his doctor friends appear on Animal Planet’s The Vet Life. 

Dr. Blue answered your pressing pet questions below:

Is OK to put ice cubes in your dog’s water bowl on a hot day? I was told that’s not good for the dog?

It is absolutely OK to put ice in the water bowl. In fact I encourage using ice to entice water consumption.

My dog keeps getting ear infections, how can I prevent this?

Make sure that you have an ear cytology with an otoscopic exam done by you veterinarian to determine the cause, treat that cause with proper medication and recheck the ear cytology to make sure that it is completely cured. After the infection is cleared weekly maintenance of the ears with ear cleaning is best prevention and keep them dry.

 What can I use to get fleas off my shih – tzu besides Dawn dishwashing liquid?

Ask your vet to heartworm test them first. If they are negative for heartworms, use a  prevention that kill fleas and prevents heartworms and gastrointestinal parasites. This is the best bang for your buck and best for the pet.

Is it OK to give my dog bananas?

Yes it is safe, but like all things, in moderation.

I have a 13 year old 11 pound Chihuahua who has occasional loose bowels is there anything over the counter I can give him for his tummyache? He’s also been eating grass lately. 

I recommend that you have a fecal test done to assure that your dog does not have parasites, if so, treat that first. You can use Pepcid for nausea. Try 2.5-5mg daily. But always discuss with your veterinarian first.

I have a Doberman. Do I need to give him baths?

Yes, baths are appropriate. I recommend 2 per month, every other week.

 My dog keeps biting his hair off when I’m at work, so he is shedding really bad. Suggestions?

Have the skin examined to assure that it is not fleas, dermatitis or other disease processes. If the result is stress / anxiety discuss different treatment or enrichment protocols with your vet.

How do if you know if your dog has a hernia?

The best way is allow for you veterinarian to do a good physical exam to determine.

I’m a resident of Houston and want more info (contact & location) on Dr.Blue for my dog. What is the exact address?

Cy-Fair Animal Hospital. 12725 Louetta Rd. Cypress TX 77429. 281.547.6128

I have a small kitten that has an eye infection. What can I get to help clear that up?

Usually eye infections in kittens is related to some feline respiratory disease like cat herpes virus, Calici virus etc. So I recommend a trip to veterinarian for this as it may snowball into something worse.

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