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The video of a man who is literally tearing up when he sees his bride walk down the aisle toward him on his wedding day has been seen more than 10 million times.  Making it one of the quickest viral videos of 2016.

But the thing that struck a cord with many of the viewers, according to most of its comments, is the emotion expressed by the groom. Rare is a groom expressing such emotions of joy at a wedding day.  Most grooms hear, “it’s not your day, it’s all about her.” But with this video of groom Gabriel Deku and his now wife Annabella, those rules didn’t apply.

In fact, we haven’t seen this much emotion from a groom since Morris Chestnut in The Best Man!

morris gif

But it’s all because of that one four letter word: LOVE.

“At the time we met, I had given up hope on this whole love thing,” Gabriel told The Huffington Post. “I thought this idea of having a life partner who would love and respect me unconditionally was a story only told in movies.”

In the viral video, Gabriel receives a much-needed best man pep talk from his friend Tolu Ige as he breaks down in tears at Annabella’s entrance. It seems like just about everyone in the room is trying to hold it together, from the front to the back of the church, in every pew.

“Regardless of whether I am being an ass and acting up, she still chooses to respect me,” Gabriel said. “I thought relationships were about this 50/50, giving expecting to return. But together we have discovered it’s about giving 100 and expecting nothing.”

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Annabella explains it perfectly:

“I love that Gabriel is a visionary, always dreaming big and never settles for less than excellent,” she said. “He pushes me to be the best that I can be and never allows me to feel as though I have ‘arrived.’ There is always room for more growth, more development, more love.”

While the overall divorce rate of those in America is between 40-50% depending on your age group…,

The True Story Behind The Viral Groom Video: “I Had Given Up” was originally published on blackdoctor.org

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