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R Kelly And Laurence Fishburne On 'Extra'

Even R. Kelly needs ID.

The R&B singer may be known across the world, but at Nathan’s Hot Dog Stand in Jacksonville, FL, he had to prove his identity by singing for the crowd. In a hilarious video that surfaced on YouTube, a drunk, shirtless man appears unconvinced that singer is in fact who he said he is. The hammered man was willing to put money on the line, betting the Grammy Award-winning artist $100 that he could best him in a sing-off.

He counts the cash as a crowd gathers. Kelly then sings an incredible a capella rendition of “Bump N’ Grind,” holding on to the last note until the small group erupts in the cheers.

The drunk dude still isn’t willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, to which R. Kelly bursts out laughing in response and says “Oh s***! This mothaf***a drunk as hell!”

The skeptic does finally belt out a couple bars, but it goes about as well as you’d imagine. | Photo | Getty

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