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Fine Brothers Entertainment gathered a group of elders to give them a taste of “Lemonade” in an attempt to convert them to the church of Beyonce. Their varied reactions are laughable, most especially their bewilderment at the “Becky with the good hair” lyric.

Although some complain about the “jammer” and “foul language,” most of the over-50 listeners find Bey’s powerful lyrics and infectious beats hard to resist. Throughout the video, an off-camera interviewer engages with the participants about the political messages in the album.

“There’s always been racism,” one woman says after listening to “Freedom.” “The more that we bring it up and we discuss it, the more that people realize it’s something we need to get past.”

Meanwhile, police in Pittsburgh, Penn., are looking to boycott Beyonce’s show when her “Formation” tour stops in the city. The cops believe Beyonce’s latest endeavors pushes an anti-police to the public, so several police members took to the city’s union website to voice their reluctance to work at Heinz Field on May 31 where the singer will perform for over 50,000.

FOP President Robert Swartzwelder told reporters that police officers plan to file a labor complaint because they are disappointed that Beyonce opted to highlight police brutality in her music video for “Formation.”

Events such as concerts are voluntary jobs for police, with the exception of the city’s latest marathon. The alleged boycott hasn’t been set in stone, but Assistant Police Chief Scott says the people are the city’s first concern.

“I don’t get involved in controversy, I just get involved with public safety,” Schubert said. “So we just need to make sure we have the appropriate public safety there for any event that we do.”

This isn’t the first time cops have threatened to boycott Mrs. Carter’s multi-million tour efforts. In April, the Miami police vowed to boycott the singer’s performance at Marlins Park. The show went off without a hitch.

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