It’s so easy to run to the refrigerator to grab that one delicious snack that makes you forget all of your cares. Who wouldn’t want a warm glazed donut that’s been heated in the microwave for 10 seconds to satiate that inner pain of the workday? Or who can forget those cherry-flavored licorice sticks that you chomp down on while typing at the computer? Guilty? Emotional overeating is a problem and it comes in many forms. It can be provoked by stress, boredom, anger and even happiness. spoke with Dr. Oluseun A. Sowemimo (better known as Dr. Seun) to get a better understanding of emotional overeating.

Dr. Seun is a board certified and fellowship trained laparoscopic, bariatric and general surgeon. He is Medical Director at Prime Surgicare and Co-Medical Director at Central Jersey Bariatrics, located in Freehold, NJ. Dr. Seun has received national attention for his work in the field of obesity and weight loss. What causes emotional overeating ?

Dr. Seun: Emotional overeating is eating in response to an emotion. People overeat when they’re stressed,  angry, bored, happy and for some it’s social thing. Emotional overeating causes people to lose the distinction of eating when you’re hungry as opposed to eating for the sake of eating. Being around other people who overeat can cause overeating as well. Overeating makes people eat too much of the wrong thing or just eat too much in general.

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