Where can I find this “fear of water training”?

Unfortunately, I have not found any companies that train. I had to build a program my self.What if your autistic kid is terrified of the water?

Take baby steps to introduce them to water and enroll them in private 1:1 classes.I almost drowned when I was eight, and anytime water gets to my neck I start to panic a little bit. Several people have tried to teach me how to swim, I am now 35 and still can’t do it. Is it too late for me? Can I just not learn it? My husband is tired of me using him as a flotation device. I love to get it in the water. I love swimming pools. What can I do? 

It’s never too late. Yes, you can learn but need private 1:1 lessons.
I’m a baby boomer. Took swimming class in college in the 70’s and learned to float, swim a little. I had knee surgery in my mid fifties and am now having difficulty swimming. I took class, but still can’t swim and it’s hard to find adult classes. 

The YMCA and private companies will have adult classes. 1:1 classes can help you get back.

My daughter is 6 months old. Is it to early to teach her how to swim?


I’m an adult black male who is terrified of swimming. I’ve tried numerous times but to no avail. I’m just really really afraid. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Private 1:1 classes plus your comfort level should be the guide for the speed of you learning. It may take more time, but it can be done.

I want to learn to swim in deep water. I’m excellent in shallow water, but just can’t float. 
I’d master floating first, then learn to tread water.
Why can fat people swim better than slimmer folks? Or is that not true?

Buoyancy! Yes, most of the time it is true!I have an in-ground pool in my back yard, but I am afraid to swim. I am a 40-plus year old woman. The sad part is I don’t want to admit that I can’t swim. What can I do to take lessons in private and keep my dignity?

Find an instructor that will come to your home or go to your local YMCA and take 1:1 – private lessons. No one has to know.
What is the average time it takes for an adult to learn how to swim?
I know some people will learn quicker than others and some will take longer, but what would you say is the average?

Honestly, it is up to the individual – 3 months to 1 year.

I know how to swim but I am very overweight. Do you offer water aerobic classes?

No. But due to requests, I’m looking at adding it to my company.

How can I learn to swim with a serious sinus problem?

You can breathe through your mouth or nose.

Is there a way to teach a stroke survivor with a weak left side to swim?

Yes. You build up the one side while teaching different strokes that they can swim.

How do I get over my fear of putting my head underwater. I don’t even like water in my face and I start to hyperventilate.

Start by blowing bubbles, not even in the water. Baby steps do really matter.

I’m living in Atlanta and would like to find a great program for my family. Where

do I go?

Google certified swimming companies in ATL

Good morning! I would like to strengthen my swimming skills by taking classes. However, I do not have time to do my hair due to a demanding career, and want to know if you aware of a swim cap that works well? Thank you.

Try to triple wrap your hair with a good silicone cap. Plus, use all-natural hair products like Shea Moisture and Jane Carter.

Any assistance for those that can’t afford the fees to learn how to swim?

There are always free programs out there to learn how to swim. Check your local recreation centers.

 I have gotten my daughter lessons on 3 separate occasions since she was 3 years old and she still can’t swim. What can I do now to help her?

She has to be in a consistent programs or private 1:1 classes to get her over the hump.

How do you change the buoyancy of a muscular body so that you can swim?

By bending your knees and putting your hands over your hand and fingers point up to the ceiling while on your back.

How difficult is it for an adult to become a good swimmer after age 40?

It’s not difficult. You can learn at any age. Consistent lessons and practice will help.

I am in my sixties. I really want to learn how to swim. What can I do to get my confidence up so that I can relax and float on water? Thank you! 
 Take aerobic water classes to boost your confidence. Then move to adult group classes.

Where can I get the information about swimming for special needs children? My son is autistic but loves the water…

Autism Speaks should have some information. And try this article for more info: 5 Tips to Connect with Special Needs Children.

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