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The two young men behind the latest viral dance, the Running Man Challenge, woke up to find everyone from celebrities to athletes receiving praise for doing their renditions for the frenzied scuffle-like moves. So, Kevin Vincent and Jeremiah Hall, of Hillside, N.J, appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to explain how the dance came about.

As they explained to Ellen, they were bored during finance class, so instead of learning, they opted to sing and dance. Their Running Man Dance is not like the original of the late 80’s early 90’s, but it wouldn’t have gone viral if not for University of Maryland basketball players Jared Nickens and Jaylen Brantley, who came across the video and uploaded their dance to Instagram.

“I woke up and these guys—the Maryland basketball players—they did it,” said Vincent.

Hall added: “And we were like, what? We made this!”

Ellen invited all four men onto her show and presented them with a $10,000 scholarship from Shutterfly.

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9 thoughts on “Creators of ‘Running Man Challenge’ Receive $10,000 Scholarship From Ellen

  1. specialt757 on said:

    The NCAA really needs to change the rules (not necessarily for this situation) but in general. No outsiders even the ones who have absolutely NOTHING to do with the school or sports can even donate to these athletes who btw can’t even work a part-time job to earn money. Totally stupid.

    • pac on said:

      WOW!!! didn’t know that they can’t even work to support the dream of going to college – strange & what are we teaching them?

      • RENO2AC on said:

        Basketball consumes most of their time. They spend more time playing basketball and practicing than they do on their classwork.

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