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They told you it would never happen.

The wise men and women of politics said — No way will Donald Trump make a real run for the White House.

No way will voters take him seriously.

No way will the mogul put his business on hold.

They said there were better, more serious candidates.

And – one by one by one – those candidates deemed better by the powers that be — dropped out.

There was this from Ted Cruz.

“With a heavy heart but with boundless optimism for the long term future of our nation we are suspending our campaign (no!)”

And then John Kasich dropped out.

Now – the man who may be the most improbable candidate in American history — is the last man standing.

“We’re going to win. We’re going to win in November. [Cheers and applause] and we’re going to win big and it’s going to be America first.”

And Donald Trump is gunning for Hillary Clinton, who by the way, has yet to seal the deal with Democrats.

And I’ve got to say — I told you so.

And no one believed me.

My liberal AND conservative friends — laughed.

Some of them even stopped speaking to me.

A friend of a friend even threatened to kick me out of his Christmas party in Brooklyn.

All because I told them Trump would be the Republican nominee.

Not that I supported him or ANY of the candidates.

But because I hadn’t seen a campaign like this since Barack Obama in 2008.

I interviewed Donald Trump numerous times early in this crazy campaign.

And people would approach me everywhere I went, look over their shoulders and say ‘Trump, I like that guy. I don’t always agree with him. But I could vote for him.’

But so many people underestimated Donald Trump and were blinded by their own personal ideology.

And now, it’s entirely possible we could wake up on November 9th with a President Trump.

Are you ready to take him seriously now?

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