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For women, life after 40 can be an uncertain maze of emotional peaks and valleys – riddled with the physical changes that threaten the most toned of bodies and long-held notions of fabulosity. But an increasing number of high-powered women are refusing to be defined or deterred by 40, recognizing that their fierce factor is far from over, but rather, evolving. These incredible women are embracing their wow power, their natural sex appeal and their unstoppable gift of glam. Follow their blueprint to channel your inner diva and add a few layers of phenomenal to your 40’s.

1. Prioritize YOU

“It starts with being a little selfish,” says Tania Lawson, a 45-year-old married mother of two and Chicago advertising executive. “I have to steal time to treat me, to pamper me. If I don’t take it, it simply won’t be there,” she adds. With a work schedule that includes travel at least three times per month, she had to make herself a priority. “If there’s no time for me, I won’t be there physically or emotionally to take care of my family. We take on so much of solving other people’s problems as women, and as mothers; we must replenish.”

2. Let Go of What Others Think

Within our innate desire to nurture, comes a desire to please, and to be accepted. But that inclination can be more trouble than it’s worth. “I care less about other people’s opinions of me,” says, Meghan Plough, a 44-year old editorial manager. “I used to be very sensitive to the things that others said about me, but not anymore,” she adds. “I had to learn that I have no control over what people think and if I can’t control it, I don’t need to worry about it. The only opinions that matter are my own and those I respect.”

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