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Nick Gordon’s time with Bobbi Kristina Brown has once again entered into the public radar as he admits that Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston’s only daughter had a drug problem.

Gordon’s confession came from an appearance on the “Dr. Phil” show, which will air as a two-part interview on Thursday (April 28) and Friday (April 29), Billboard reports. In a preview of the interview, Gordon reveals that although he had seen Bobbi Kristina smoke socially while Houston was alive, her drug use “got really bad” when Houston died in 2012

“It was unfortunate but at the time that’s kind of the only way we knew how to deal with what had happened,” Gordon told “Dr. Phil” host Phil McGraw.

Gordon’s comments come more than a year after he first appeared on “Dr. Phil” in March 2015. At the time, Gordon was clearly inebriated and distraught as Bobbi Kristina’s condition worsened in a medically induced coma.

Immediately after his initial “Dr. Phil” appearance, Gordon reportedly entered rehab for alcohol and Xanax abuse. In his new interview, Gordon touched on his time in rehab as well as Bobbi Kristina’s death, which resulted at age 22 on July 26, 2015 after she spent nearly six months in the coma. Bobbi Kristina’s time in the hospital came after she was found unconscious in her bathtub in January 2015. Since Bobbi Kristina’s passing, Gordon has been regarded as a factor that led to her death.

“How does that happen to one person and then happen the second time? It was just so similar. All the sirens and all that stuff. It was horrible,” Gordon said, according to a written preview of the interview.

Looking back on his stint in rehab, Gordon admitted that it was something he needed and was thankful for the opportunity to recover.

“I was drinking so much at the time because I could not deal with what was happening to Krissy,” Gordon said. “It mentally broke me. That’s the lowest point in my life right there.”

As the interview continued, Gordon defended himself against those criticizing him with accusations about him being a factor in Bobbi Kristina’s death.

“Regardless of what everybody thinks, I made Krissy and Whitney’s last few years on earth as happy as they would be,” Gordon said. “I gave them somebody to trust, to talk to, to be there, someone genuine.”

Gordon’s new interview with McGraw comes as he remains at the center of a $10 million dollar civil lawsuit filed against him by Bobbi Kristina’s conservator under claims he is responsible for Bobbi Kristina’s death.

Gordon countered the conservator’s claims in the “Dr. Phil” interview, saying Bobby Brown is responsible his daughter’s death.

“[Bobby] hurt his own daughter, not me,” Gordon said. “I was the one there for her while she was dealing with him not being there. He’s not a reasonable person so I’m not planning on talking to him and I really don’t want to.”

Remembering Bobbi Kristina Brown
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13 thoughts on “Nick Gordon Says Bobbi Kristina Brown Had A Drug Problem

    • specialt757 on said:

      It wasn’t him, it was her. She was in control of everything, unfortunately not that much control of her senses. But I somewhat agree there wasn’t anyone in her life pulling for her, no much needed intervention, they just left her alone to her vices and the end result, was her own self-destruction. It’s really just sad on all levels.

    • kimboo on said:

      So very true, Just tired of hearing from both sides (Houston and Brown), when BOTH parents had destructive personalities… Your right, she didn’t have a chance, but where was Grandma, Great Aunt and all those Brown family members that SHOULD HAVE pulled this girl back, and if that meant taking her to court and locking her down for her own good… THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE IT! Stop using Nick as their personal punching bad and escape goat.

  1. MariAnne Bolton on said:

    “Nick Gordon Says Bobbi Kristina Brown Had A Drug Problem”……YEAH! Thanks to YOU, Nick, and her mother & father!

  2. He was right there with them in all of there problem and they helped him and allowed him in.I believe in karma if he did anything wrong to either of these women in due time it will come back to him in just a matter of don’t do drugs as long as whitney has been doing them and die in a tub of water.whitney was no fool she knew very well how to take care of herself as an addict or whatever they claim she was.she loved life to much for it to look like someone drowned her and her daughter.just hard to believe she had to go out like this around water and I don’t believe she ran that bath water.anyways she will still always be loved…rip

  3. specialt757 on said:

    I believe Nick about making these two women their happiest, he was a confidant, a trusted friend who they told their secrets. Did he have problems? YES, but he’s not responsible for BK’s death. The Houston and Brown families are looking for someone to blame, they only need to look within their own mirrors. Nick is just a scapegoat, someone to make them feel better about themselves, clear their conscious, and to help them sleep at night. Glad he’s getting the help he needs to cope and move on with his life. And he’s right, no need to reach out to someone who clearly hates your guts.

    • kimboo on said:

      I TOTALL AGREE, he is not responsible for grown folks and them wanting to experiment with substances. If someone wants to get high, they will find a way… and addicts are good at stealing, lying, hiding, and more lying. I’m sure he pulled BobbiKris back from destruction on several occasions, and you can’t help someone if they don’t want your help… Rehab, locking them in a room, jail… just doesn’t work for some people, especially if they have an endless supply of MONEY! The simple fact that he’s still here on this earth, and their beloved isn’t… grinds their gear, and your right, they want an escape goat. Why didn’t they do anything about her? Why didn’t they pull her back! Why didn’t they have her baker act, and locked up? They let it play out, like they did Whitney… THOSE TWO FAMILIES DROPPED THE BALL on this young woman, not Nick!!!

  4. Timothy Green on said:

    Uhmmm i didnt know that Bobbi being a drug addict was a secret. & Nick is right Bobby AND Whitney are to blame for this young ladies death, 2 drug addict self destructive parents raised a drug addict self destructive daughter & the end result was the demise of mother & daughter, then trying to place blame on the other “child” they helped raiset … So sad

    • That’s BS. This guy Nick is very culpable in Bobbi Kristina’s death. He was there and participated in using drugs with her. In addition, having addicted parents isn’t a death warrant for a kid. She needed to assume some responsibility herself. She had everything that she could want or need and didn’t have to die. Nick Gordon is not absolved of her death, he at the very least help facilitate her tragic end.

      • Timothy Green on said:

        …. TheDuke PARTICIPATING in an activity does not make you culpable, he did not make her an addict, if you READ the research addicts create addicts ie her parents raised her in the addict lifestyle SO if there is any blame to be placed theyre the ones to bear it, not a KID (Nick) that participated in an activity that the parents taughtt

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