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Any money left behind by Prince may be split among his six siblings by default.

According to TMZ, it appears the musician died without a will in place, leaving his siblings, half-siblings and children of his deceased siblings in line to receive a piece of the pie:

Multiple sources who have worked with Prince as recently as 2014 tell us … he did not have a will. Of course it’s possible in the last year or so Prince had a change of heart and drafted one, but all of our sources say based on his history with them that’s highly unlikely.

Our sources say various professionals raised the issue of a will with Prince but he never had an interest in drafting one.

We’ve contacted various people, including family members, and they all say they have not seen a will and so far no one has come forward with one.

If Prince did indeed die without a will, under Minnesota law his siblings — the closest living relatives — would share equally in his estate. Prince had 8 brothers and sisters, and only Tyka was a full sibling.

People have assumed Tyka — who has taken the reins — would get everything, but that’s not the case. In Minnesota half siblings and full siblings are treated exactly the same when it comes to inheritance without a will … they all share equally.

Two of Prince’s siblings are dead, leaving 6. There’s one catch. If the deceased siblings had kids, they would be entitled to the same share as their parent.

As we reported … our sources say Prince’s estate is worth somewhere south of $150 million.

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6 thoughts on “Prince Reportedly Died Without A Will; Money Would Go To 6 Siblings?

  1. Kimboo on said:

    Wow… I can’t imagine Prince did not have a will. He had 8 siblings, in which he WASN’T close to, in which two have passed on. He has a biological sister Tyka, to my understanding she would be the executer of his estate and says who gets what? But still, he was cremated right away, which tells me something was written down somewhere??? Even though others are stating his religious views states to bury or cremate right away…. Not, so there is something somewhere. I’m sure it will come out.

    • I’m with you on that one. Something is somewhere if they’re saying those were his wishes. He had some paperwork. Rock on Purple one. I was listening to Pop Life last night. Brings back memories.

  2. So sad–I hope his family members don’t start fighting when the $$$$ from Prince’s estate starts to be divided amongst them!!!!!!

    I wonder who will get Prince’s wardrobe/ and those chaps with his butt out–OMG!!!!!!!!

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