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Prince’s longtime lawyer called the death of the superstar a complete shock and said Monday that the singer lived a clean and healthy lifestyle, disputing suggestions that he had a drug addiction.

Prince was found dead in Paisley Park, his home and vast recording studio in Chanhassen, Minnesota, on Thursday at the age of 57. An autopsy was conducted, but complete results won’t be in for weeks. Police have said there was no indication of suicide.

Lawyer L. Londell McMillan had known Prince for 25 years and at one time was his manager. In a phone interview Monday night, he told The Associated Press he spoke to Prince the Sunday before he died, after it was reported that his plane made an emergency landing to deal with a medical emergency involving the singer.

Prince assured McMillan he was fine.

“He said he was doing perfect,” McMillan recalled. “He said, ‘OK, I’ll call you soon.'”

Celebrity website TMZ, citing unidentified sources, reported that Prince was treated for an overdose of the powerful painkiller Percocet while traveling home from concerts in Atlanta last week. The site said his plane made an emergency landing April 15 in Moline, Illinois, where he was briefly hospitalized. Prince had postponed concerts in Atlanta citing an illness but rescheduled them and performed there April 14.

Asked about the TMZ report, McMillan said that while Prince may have been in pain and may have taken medication from time to time, he was “not on any drugs that would be any cause for concern.”

“People use medication. The question is, are you on meds in a dangerous way?” he said.

McMillan noted that Prince, a vegan, was known for his clean lifestyle.

“Everybody who knows Prince knows he wasn’t walking around drugged up,” McMillan said. “That’s foolish. No one ever saw Prince and said, . ‘He looks high.’ . It wasn’t what he was about.”

McMillan also said Prince was in great spirits.

“Prince had an amazing life. He enjoyed life,” he said. “He had a lot of fun.”

McMillan, whose clients also included Michael Jackson, said he owed his career to Prince. He managed the star amid Prince’s battles with his label, Warner Bros. Records. Prince credited him with coming up with the title “The Artist” when he stopped using his name and took on a symbol instead as part of that battle.

“I’m shocked and overwhelmed,” McMillan said of Prince’s death.

He was among those present for a private and intimate memorial service at Paisley Park on Saturday. Prince was cremated.

“It was a very loving and special, solemn and very appreciative,” McMillan said. “I think he would have been proud of how we celebrated his life.”

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8 thoughts on “Prince’s Lawyer: ‘He Led A Very Clean Life’

    • Lawrence on said:

      Because you have given an advance reading of the toxicology report? You don’t want an overdose to be the cause of death, but you know absolutely nothing, so shut your piehole, lest you come back and eat your words when you are proven factually wrong.

  1. Kimboo on said:

    I agree WITH YOU ALL, I too find it preposterous that Prince did not have a will. He had 8 siblings, in which he wasn’t close to, and two have passed on. He has a biological sister Tyka, in which Lord knows how many times Prince helped with her rehab stints with addiction, and help raising her children. I’m sure he had a will, with no heirs, and possibly passed the bulk onto a niece or nephew, besides his charity’s.
    Prince saw the fiasco with MJ, Whitney, James Brown, and Bobbi Chris funeral, his religion, and his thoughts were to be laid to rest immediately? So, yeah… he had to have a will. He was cremated right away, which kinda scared me into thinking someone was hiding evidence or a cover up. Yeah, I know I wasn’t the only one thinking of this conspiracy theory.
    Unfortunately, he enjoyed time being a recluse, and having that creative time to himself. I hate to think of him being alone, and trying to get relief, and was only able to make it to the elevator 😦 God bless you sweet Prince, and may your heavenly spirit be guided into another beautiful soul.

  2. I do agree that a good lawyer would have insisted upon “some will”! One thing is for sure God is the only one that gives us breath and has the ability to stop ANY heartbeat at ANY time! Word to the world, have faith in Jesus and live in eternity with God! What do you have to lose, not believing? None of us are promised tomorrow! The millions can’t save a soul, only God!

    • Lawrence on said:

      Appears that Mr. McMillan in addition to being a bad liar, is also a poor lawyer. If he was such a trusted confidant, why did he insist on a living will. Lawyering 101

  3. redbone1954 on said:

    Seven step siblings and I did hear he had at least one sister not sure how many in total. It makes absolutely no sense that he would not have a will. So I don’t believe that so I guess we will find out in due time. In the mean time “Good night sweet Prince” He will be missed. We loved him but God loved him best.

  4. specialt757 on said:

    It’s being reported Prince didn’t have a will. I find that hard to believe. He watched superstars die and the financial issues between family members surface time and time again as we all have watched. Mr. McMillan a friend and lawyer for 25 years, if this is true (no will), why didn’t you insist, or convince Prince to create even the simplest Will? What kind of lawyer wouldn’t insist this be done even at his client’s resistance, he/she should know how extremely important that one piece of paper is, especially for their very rich clients.

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