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Georgia’s new football coach Kirby Smart now knows why the rapper calls himself Ludacris. When Luda’s ludicrous demands, er, rider for his appearance at Georgia’s G-Day spring football game became public last week, the Internet collectively sighed…of course the questions about it were a’plenty.

One reporter took one look at the rider and was compelled to hit up his local store to price out how much it cost to hire Ludacris to perform at Sanford Stadium. The total bill to bring the hip-hop star to Athens: $65,000. Luda performed in front of at least 93,000 fans for about 15 minutes, which comes out to a cost of $4,333.33 per minute.

Ludacris was hired two days prior to Saturday’s event, and his contract, obtained by the Macon Telegraph, included a rider — standard in most performance contracts — covering food, towels, Fruit Roll-Ups, toothpaste, batteries, liquor and a box of condoms.

In addition to the dozen BRAND NEW white towels (“No old towels,” the rider says) and a meal for 10, here is a line-item look at what it cost to “properly pamper Ludacris.”

via Yahoo:

• “1 loaf of Bread (whole grain with the most amount of grains).” Cost: $3.29

• “Organic Peanut Butter (Creamy only).” Cost: $5.59

• “Organic Jelly (Strawberry or Grape only).” Cost: $3.39

• “Candies (assorted i.e.: snickers, m & m’s, jolly ranchers, etc).” Cost: $8.94

• “1 box Green Tea (Tazo) w/condiments i.e.: lemon, organic honey, sugar. Cost: $3.99

• “Nag Champa incense.” Cost: $1.50 online

• “Box of Fruit Roll Ups.” Cost: $2.99

• “Mint Listerine.” Cost: $4.99

• “6 Hanes Large White T-Shirts.” Cost: $24.99

• “1 Crest Spin rechargeable Toothbrush.” Cost: $7.99

• “1 Bottle Crest Toothpaste.” Cost: $3.19

• “1 Bottle of White Whine (Santa Margharita Pino Grigio or Savignon Blanc).” Cost: $22.99

• “1 Gallon of Tropicana Orange Juice.” Cost: $6.29

• “1 Gallon of Cranberry Juice.” Cost: $3.20

• “2 Cases of chilled FIJI water.” Cost: $25.98

• “1 Case of Nico Cocunut water.” Cost: $23.83.

• “2 Cases of Snapple (Raspberry, Kiwi, Strawberry, Grapeade (Assorted).” Cost: $13.98

• “2 Cases of Lemon Lime Gatorade.” Cost: $11.98

• “12 Assorted Minute Maid Juice Boxes.” Cost: $4.15

• “1 Hair Brush (with bristles, African American).”

• “1 Small Secret Deodorant.” Cost: $0.99

• “1 Iron & Ironing Board.”


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