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16-year-old Amy Joyner will never see her prom or her graduation from high school because she was killed after being reportedly attacked in the bathroom at school.

ABC 7 Chicago reports:

Classes will let out early Friday at the the Howard High School of Technology in Wilmington, as the school comes to terms with the violent death of one of its female students.

Joyner died Thursday morning after being assaulted inside a school bathroom by several other students.

At a vigil Thursday night, classmates, friends and parents prayed, held hands and wept as they remembered Joyner, a sophomore.

“Whenever we had a problem, she would come to us and talk to us, and I never would of thought she would be the girl that would get killed like that,” said 10th grade student Atiyya Wilkes.

Police are awaiting the results of an autopsy to determine the exact cause of Joyner’s death.

The brutal attack happened just after 8:15 a.m. Thursday at the vocational-technical high school, located in the 400 block of East 12th Street.

Parents and guardians rushed to the scene as school administrators canceled all classes for the rest of the day and tried to keep calm outside.

At the time, many were unaware of the severity of the situation.

“Saying there was an incident that took place here at Howard and to come get your child,” said Dupree Wright.

“They said there was a fight, I don’t know. I am just trying to find my grandson,” said Denise Dinkins.

The Action Cam was outside the school as medics performed CPR on the victim, who was taken on a stretcher to a waiting state police helicopter.

She was airlifted to A.I. duPont Hospital for Children, where she was pronounced dead.

Mayor Dennis Williams had to take a moment to compose himself while speaking at a news conference, held a short time after learning the student had passed away.

“I’m so upset that the young lady lost her life today. Things like this shouldn’t happen,” he said. “My heart bleeds for the family, the kids that go to this school, administrators and our city.”

At Thursday night’s vigil outside the school, classmates, parents and community leaders fondly remembered Joyner, who was the manager of the school’s wrestling team.

“She was real nice,” said Shane Gallagher, a member of the wrestling team. “She treated us like family and we treated her like family, and it hurts our hearts we can’t ever see her anymore.”

Several leaders decried the scourge of violence plaguing some communities.

“That little girl got beat up inside of a bathroom,” said activist Malcom Coley. “How many of y’all stopped it? Did anybody stop it?”

Others noted a sad irony: the school has an anti-bullying campaign that kicks off every spring.

“The anti-bullying thing that schools put on, they don’t really listen to ’em,” said 9th grade student Julia Scott. “It honestly has to take something tragic like this to happen for them to actually open up their eyes.”

“We need to get prayer back in our schools, we need to cover our babies by any means necessary, we’re losing too many,” said the Rev. Margaret Guy.

Two girls and several witnesses were being interviewed Thursday at the Wilmington Police Department.

No charges have been announced.

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(Photo/Video Source: ABC 7 Chicago)

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33 thoughts on “Delaware Teen Dies After Brutal Fight At High School [WATCH]

  1. specialt757 on said:

    “No charges have been announced.” But I really hope they are pending. These girls need to learn a hard lesson and prison is the right place since they couldn’t be bothered to learn it in school.

  2. October on said:

    The only reason YOUR evil country stealing, murdering ancestors marched because it was fashionable for the times. Those Crackass could have cared less. The ONLY reason we don’t hear about the brutal murders YOUR people commit is the media does not report as they should.

    • Guest12 on said:

      Larry’s comments below saying show him a video of whites or Asian girls fighting like animals. Get on YouTube. I saw it last week. A bunch of white girls, as many as seven, tag teamed one girl in the bathroom and beat the hell out of her. They went as far as to actually kick the girl in her head, jump on her, kick and punch her into submission, then, to top it off, they dragged her into a stall and tried to stuff her head down the toilet. That was a brutal attack. All white. So, Larry STFU!

  3. People make me sick when they say “we need to put prayer back in school”. That may be true, but how about putting prayer back in the home (or introducing it into the home for the first time)?

  4. Praying for her family and may she RIP, for the young ladies I’m praying for your family also because they will be seeing you all behind bars and that is so sad, we have to do better people and start loving and helping each other out again.

  5. keebee51 on said:

    This is for all the peckerwoods that come on this site and call my people animals. You need to realize that your species is the reason why the world is f-up. Your evil, murders, crooks, greedy,rapist that believe your special and privileged when your nothing but sorry weak cowards.

    • Timothy Green on said:

      Uhmmmm Keebee51 we’re all the same SPECIES …. And the dumbshit your saying sounds JUST AS IGNORANT as the idiots like Peter Johnson & Larry on here, blacks do fucked up shit, just like whites do fucked up shit, so if your “argument” is like theirs that any particular race is worse than the other, then your point of view is just as racist as theirs …

  6. keebee51 on said:

    This is sad. When will Brown skin people (not mexicans) wake up!!! No other race gives a dam about us. We cry and march, protest with the ones that kill our family members and they get a tap on the wrist and walk away with that evil smirk on their face.

  7. Stephanie on said:

    all you hateful, barbaric and sadistic people that posted here, this is a child that was murdered. People like you, your heart is black, its harden, you have no soul, you will always be bitter, and may peace, happiness and love always elude you.

  8. Larry on said:

    This was a Vocational HS. So these kids already failed at mainstream education. You will always have a higher number of losers, be they white or black, on a vocational track. Just the way it is.
    -Holla’ at the Scholar

  9. Larry on said:

    Black women are the most violent species on the face of this planet. The BT 1100 is a very efficient killing machine.

      • Show me a video of White or Asian girls fighting viciously like this. I can show you one a week of black girls engaging in this animal ritual.
        Ignorance, is denying the facts right in front of your face.
        Get to steppin’, you are part of the problem

  10. Nothing to see here. The black sheboons fighting again. Walking into a black neighborhood or school is like walking into a war zone. Blacks, the most violent racists on the planet!

      • Plenty of white people marched to free your black asses and fought with whites to free your black asses. Also, plenty of stupid whites go to africa to help you damn animals yet you beasts get more violent and anti white.

      • specialt757 on said:

        “Plenty of white people marched to free your black asses…”
        They should have marched. But for them, there would no need to be freed. But for your animals we wouldn’t be over here in the first place making this a great country to live. But for your animals we would have a place call home, we’re the only race that don’t have a place to call “home” because we’re so mixed with everything under the sun including white scum America is all we’ve got. So please do the world a favor and go outside and kill yourself and STFU and IN THAT ORDER!

  11. Where’s a body-slamming resource officer when you need one? This is what happens when you allow the lunatics run the asylum. Everyone is afraid to do what it takes to control these young beasts. My question is how is it working for us? Pray for her family. This is going to be so hard.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Not working well at all.
      As long as these heifers get locked up I will be happy, I know it won’t bring this baby back to her love ones but justice (perhaps) will be served. They should NOT be allowed to pro-create to bring future idiots into the world, ONLY then we’ll be headed in the right direction.

  12. knowledge on said:

    Guarantee someone was probably recording it.
    We have come so far as a ppl only to realize that we only went in a big circle but this go around the enemy is us.

  13. Timothy Green on said:

    A “fight” would refer to a fair 1 on 1 altercation that does not sound like what occured in this lil girls situation, its sounds like she was assaulted & murdered by numerous individuals, call it what it is .. This is fucking disgusting

  14. specialt757 on said:

    Bet it was over some no good dude who aint got a pot to piss in, (if you’re a good dude, this isn’t for you). She was cute and probably received a lot of hate from her ugly school mates. I hope their asses get the justice they deserve, ALL of them. Jail is starting to fill up with our young girls all over foolishness. WAKE UP DAMNIT!

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