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You know you’ve made your mark in the world when public schools are named after you.

Such is the case with First Lady Michelle Obama, who finds herself with public schools being named after her. Clutch cites various schools who have changed their names to honor President Barack Obama’s better half.

Among the schools is Michelle Obama Elementary in Panorama City, California, a K – 5 school in the Los Angeles district that serves a largely Hispanic student body. The former Valley Region Elementary opened in 2012.

Going back to Obama’s first term in office, the Barack and Michelle Obama Learning Elementary emerged in St. Paul, Minnesota. The name of the K – 5 school, which includes African-American studies in its curriculum, was changed after the school board voted on it just 100 days into Obama’s first four years.

Formerly known as Forest Trail School, the Michelle Obama School Of Technology And The Arts is located in the predominantly black south Chicago suburb of Park Forest and serves graded serves grades 4 – 8.

“The Obama name was selected… because the values that the First Family models are unparalleled precedents and are values that our students strive to emulate,” district superintendent Joyce Carmine told Clutch.

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(Photo Source: AP)

6 thoughts on “Michelle Obama-Named Public Schools Sprout Up Around the Country

  1. That is a wonderful gesture. However, I hope they monitor these schools and make sure the students are performing. Someone in our city actually renamed the worst performing high school in the city after President Obama. That was outright disrespectful to the President’s name to everyone.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Good point tc. It’s the same as when they re-name portions of highways, parkways, and streets after MLK Jr. and they are in the worse neighborhoods in the city.

  2. Linda on said:

    OMG Wonderful!!!!!

    That’s better than having some schools still named after RACISTS Civil War folks or POS president’s like Taft/Wilson, etc.!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. specialt757 on said:

    Wow what an honor. I’m hoping more schools will follow. This is the best first lady of my time, she set the standards high Her successors have a huge mountain to climb to come even close.

    • Larry on said:

      You cra-cra. Jackie O set, and continues to be, the standard to which Frist Ladies should aspire. Obama maybe not even be in top 10.

      • specialt757 on said:

        Ha ha boy I laugh at your level of stupidity. Other than being “beautiful” and being a nice dressing social lite who planned social events at the White House, please name one thing Jackie O did that can rise to the level of what Mrs. Obama has done?

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