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The daughter of late rapper Notorious B.I.G. went off on her dad’s mentor Sean “Diddy” Combs today after he apparently failed to send her a ticket to his upcoming Bad Boy Reunion concert.

T’yanna Wallace was looking for her pass to the show’s Madison Square Garden stop, and upon realizing that it wasn’t coming, she let Diddy have it on Twitter.


Those tweets have since been deleted, because T’yanna spoke with Puff and worked everything out.


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(Photo Source: PR Photos/Twitter)

12 thoughts on “B.I.G.’s Daughter Makes Peace With Diddy After Bad Boy Reunion Snub

  1. Phia_sophical on said:

    You guys lose a famous father, watch everyone else make millions off his demise, be ignored by them as if you don’t exist and then tell us how YOU feel…no, you grow up! She is still hurting from the loss of her father, all she asked for was a blame ticket!

  2. I don;t think she miss to much because all everybody was going to see was Puff Daddy hogging up the stage like it just him. jumping all over stage all in the camera . ok Puff Daddy we know that is you….

  3. Pamela on said:

    She looks over 18, stop trying to live off your dad’s name, stop looking for a free ticket, , Why not ask him for JOB.

  4. redbone1954 on said:

    Glad that someone reached out to her. Sometimes things get out of hand for no reason hope she enjoys the show and good luck to her!

  5. zakia on said:

    She said she hadn’t talk to him years. That Is his fault and whether he is handling the tickets or not, he should make sure Biggie’s kids come first, just like he would his own kids. There is no excuse for this, when a parent dies and there are people close enough to them to be aunts and uncles, it is our jobs as adults to keep in touch, make sure they are alright and follow through the years.

    Sean Combs has made a lot of money off of Biggie, his legacy and music.

    • growup on said:

      Yes Puff has made a lot of money from B.I.G. music, producers usually do. She hadn’t talk to him in years doesn’t make that Puff’s fault, she has the same technology as he. Your point was well taken that his colleagues and old camp should reach out to ensure she’s doing okay and glad he didn’t clap back on social media, let’s me know he’s not the a-hole people make him out to be.

  6. demp109 on said:

    This age group does not use their iphones for talking….I used to get offended when my children would text me to “talk”. If I want to “speak” to them, I will “call” them.

  7. growup on said:

    I guess it would have been too mature to just pick up the phone, call Puff and ask him about the ticket(s). It may have been an over-sight, I’m sure he’s not even the one to handle that kind of task. This age of social media is ONE of our fails.

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