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Just when we thought we had a little break in the crazy life and times of Katt Williams, a video surfaces of the comedian fighting a seventh grader!

No word on why he was surrounded by a bunch of pre-teens, but if you know, drop us a line in the comments.

Watch above.

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(Photo/Video Source: World Star Youtube)

35 thoughts on “Katt Williams Fights A Seventh Grader? [WATCH]

  1. Black Jack on said:

    Next time take ya belt off and beat his ass… that’s what me and my husband do to these bad ass kids in my Hood. Nothing but respect there after. Takes a village.

  2. James Everett on said:

    Katt should’ve knocked the brakes off that kid, I’m not down with disrespectful kids but adults let it happen, we need to put these little suckers in check…

  3. Amber on said:

    Accrding to the reports by the people who were there, Katt was trying to give back to the community and this kid did what he to Kat. If this true, this kid is jerk and no wonder so many people do not go back to these types of communities to give back. And what is sad is that the people who live in these communities who want the help do not get the help due to what the stupid folks in the community do.

  4. Graham on said:

    teenagers these days are so disrespectful, he thought it was cool to punk a grown ass man, like that knock out game that’s going around. Katt did right pushed him and stood grown, but he should have whipped his A__..Now what is the police going do about it..wonder if Katt will file charges bet he doesn’t because he knows the kid was only bullying him

  5. Seriously on said:

    That kid is a punk. Kat did what any real man would do if some dickhead squared up on you. What the hell was he supposed to do? Walk away like a bitch and let everyone get that on camera and that punk ass kid go back to all his friends talkin bout how he punked out Katt Williams? Then there would be a different news story and video about how Kat can’t stand up for himself.

    • Yep. Katt did what any real man would do. He punched a teenager and got twisted like a pretzel. At least if he had done the “bitch walk” people may have speculated as to his ability to stand up for himself. But getting bitch slammed by a young un’ put that speculation to rest. Lil’ man needs help. Whether it was staged or real, he needs help.

  6. if you watch the video Katt hits the guy with his left hand. he has a glove o his right hand but not on his left .then when they are on the ground the glove is on his left hand HMMMM….

  7. Katt Williams has lost his ever loving mind!! Can you say rehab? I really like his comedy, but old boy needs some real hep before he ends up in some deep trouble… Sad 😥

  8. I must say that I am from Gainesville and I think everything Kat is doing is deeper problem than we all know. I really feel sorry for him he, has a gift that many people only dream of. The fight that just happened! The boy is in the 9th grade and he is 17 years old so what do that mean! It is sad that when a person is down people will try and make money from a person weakness instead of reaching out to him.

      • yes 17 is right! But this kid drop out of school at the age of 15! My son went to middle school with this young man until he dropped out of school….. I do know the whole story but I wish Katt will sit his little A$$ down some where because he is doing the most and not in a good way!

  9. That young man is obviously a wrestler. He twisted a knot in Katt’s ass. Real or not, it was not a good look for Katt. Anyway, ain’t it time for Katt to go for a retouch?

  10. LookPassMySkin on said:

    Maybe it is a ploy but it doesn’t make me want to buy tickets. This makes him look crazy and causes doubt that he’ll be fit to show up for a show or that it will live up to expectations. He may gain some sales but he’ll probably use a lot too…

    • Amber on said:

      He is selling out. Sorry but DRAMA sells. Look even at TRump, the more he say silly stuff the more people are attending his events and he is getting votes.

  11. Rosco P Coaltrain on said:

    LOL…..Clearly a publicity stunt but none the less Katt got choked the duck pluck out!!!! LOL……The 7th grader said to Katt he reminds him of a song that says “He got little legs and little feet with a little car that goes beep-beep, He got little arms that hang so low you got to pick Katt up just to say hello” ..LOL…..”Katt don’t want no short people, he don’t want no short people,he don’t want no short people round him……ha,ha,ha,ha

  12. specialt757 on said:

    Well I hope for small fry’s sake this is part of a ploy to sale tickets, because if not, I’m really afraid he’s going to get hurt for real. His stunts are no longer funny, just pathetic. Okay this video IS funny lol.

  13. Matt needs help.someone has got to get hold of him before it’s to late.maybe jail is the best place for him.maybe jail is the only way to help him.he want detox himself.Matt is so talented and to be wasting it like this is crazy.those kids don’t know him they will hurt him.and he has kids of his on adopted or not.it doesn’t look good for a man that has kids.get him some help or let them lock him up til his head is clear.katts a good guy when he isn’t on that stuff.I wish him the best.

  14. EricMRussell on said:

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  15. I think if this story was true the headline would probably read….. “Katt Williams faces criminal charges for assault or battery on a minor.” Followed by parent of 7th grader sues Katt Williams. I also think it’s a ploy for ticket sells. BELIEVE NONE OF WHAT U HEAR AND VERY LITTLE OF WHAT U C!!!!

  16. April on said:

    This looks like a set-up!!!.. how is it that the dude in front of Katt Williams is video taping this fakeness directly in Katt Williams face? Then this teen walks up to an short Adult talking craziness.. Katt Williams should have taken his belt off and beat that butt.

  17. Amber on said:

    I believer all of this is now a set up to sell tickets. Look at it. the more Kat get into this confrontations during this “CONSPIRACY COMIC TOUR’, the more the press cove the story and people are taking about it and the more Kat is selling tickets even to people who just wanto to go to the show to just see what is going to happen.

  18. specialt757 on said:

    Hahahaha this video is hilarious!

    Yes, please explain why Katt is hanging out with a bunch of pre-teens and teens.
    Dang Katt! Please just go somewhere and detox. Lord please help him.

  19. Linda on said:

    Looks to me like Katt is getting a “beat-down” from this kid!

    Maybe Katt needs to focus on getting his act together and stop with all the madness!!!!!

    • Chris on said:

      Dang Katt is smaller than a 7th grader and got tied up by one as well. Jeez, he might need to stay home a body guard or something.

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