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Over the years, especially recently, Katt Williams has found himself on the wrong side of the law with a slew of legal troubles.

Despite the drama, the comedian is still going strong following his release from prison late last week after being arrested on different counts of drug and weapon possession, and alleged assault charges following a police raid, according to Vibe, which noted that illegal guns and drugs were found in his home.

To hear him tell it, race is the source of his legal situations as he expressed that Atlanta authorities have been targeting him specifically because he is black.

“I am just like most Christians, under daily attack, but somehow holding up well. God’s grace is wonderful and we’ll have our day in court and we will be exonerated. We already have zero convictions.” Williams told ABC News affiliate WSB-TV regarding his misfortunes and whether it’s tough dealing with the scrutiny he’s been under for his ordeals.

”I’ve been famous for twenty years, Williams stated, “you don’t get to take the blessings and the perks of it and then complain about the fact that you can’t go anywhere unnoticed.”

As for the difference between him and other celebrities who have dealt with similar issues, Williams pointed out that “If you’re a white celebrity, it’s ‘swatting’ and they don’t let it happen. If you’re a black celebrity, they haven’t invented the word yet, but hopefully they will.”

Williams’ release from the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta Friday night (Mar. 11) comes a day after he was transferred to the facility from Hall County, GA on Thursday on charges that included entering auto, theft by taking, and simple battery.

Reflecting on his legal troubles, the 24-year-old entertainer told WSB-TV that drama from his cases have made him a victim of his own success. Accompanied by his defense attorney Drew Findling, Williams’ hands were noticeably wrapped in gauze bandage.

According to a confidential source, Williams suffered minor injuries to both hands punching a wall in the jail. A closer look at Williams reveals that he was holding blister packs containing medications which are usually issued to inmates with chemical imbalances of the brain, such as depression.

Williams’ time in Hall County stemmed from his arrest last week on charges of assaulting one of his bodyguards who refused to commit a crime on his orders. As a result, The popular funnyman was charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats, and false imprisonment, in addition to multiple weapons and drug charges in that case.

To see Williams’ WSB-TV interview, check out the video below:

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(Photo Source: WSBV-TV)

4 thoughts on “[WATCH] Katt Williams Puts Legal Troubles on Him Being Black and Christian?

  1. specialt757 on said:

    “Reflecting on his legal troubles, the 24-year-old entertainer told WSB-TV…” Who is the 24 y.o.? Katt? Really EURweb?
    Why does Katt keep saying “we” ex. We already have zero convictions”, who the hell is “we”?

    • I was thinking the same thing. Katt is not even close to 24 years old. I always thought the dude was funny but now he’s doing too much for his own good.

  2. Such a cop-out–how about because you make DUMB DECISIONS KATT?????????

    Until Katt Williams owns up to his own mess-he will continue to have troubles with the law!!!!!!!!
    Maybe Katt needs to check into a rehab facility for awhile to DETOX!!!!!!

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