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We’re not sure what Katt Williams is smoking these days, but whatever is it, he’s apparently got Kevin Hart in his sights. Fresh off his most recent arrest in a pool store down in Georgia and just after dissing Hart for being a sellout  in a viral video, Williams has upped the ante. He’s now challenging Kevin to a battle when he comes to Hart’s hometown of Philadelphia on Saturday, March 5th.

In a new video, Williams, dressed in a floor-length fur says he’s got $1 million cash to put up to cover his part in a competition that he says could either be basketball, a rap cipher, a boxing match or a comedy competition. Although he says that he has a total of $5 million to cover his bet, astute math scholars will realize that Williams actually only mentions four different competitions.

So, who ya got if this competition happens? If you follow Kevin on Instagram, you know he’s in pretty good shape, and we’re not quite sure either has passable rap skills, but the comedy battle, if it happened, could be interesting. At least they won’t be talking OVER each other.

See what we did there?

Williams also had an explanation for his pool store supply arrest. He told TMZ that he did what he had to do after being called the “N” word by the store’s clerk.

The Katt man is accusing the store clerk of racism and outright disrespect of, not just him, but Black people everywhere.

Katt is basically putting the blame on his victim for starting the mess by accusing him of being a criminal, and then saying the N -word.

“He used the n-word on the last day of Black History Month,” according to Katt.

Click over to see BOTH videos. 


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