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Kelly Price, the R&B icon who recently lent her chops to Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam,” graduated as valedictorian with a doctorate degree in Philosophy over the weekend, according to reports on Rated R&B.

The Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter documented the proud moment on Instagram.

Kelly’s children were also excited about their mom’s major accomplishment, and shared a sweet snap of their card and bouquet of flowers.

Congrats, Dr. Price!

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SOURCE: Rated R&B, Instagram | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Getty 


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23 thoughts on “Kelly Price, PhD: R&B Superstar Graduates With Top Honor

  1. Uppity Negro on said:

    One of many issues with her honorary doctorate is that it wasn’t bestowed on her. She went to a website and orders it, then dressed up and pretended like she actually went to class and graduated. On top of that, she bought a banner that said she was a valedictorian even though there is no such thing at the collegiate level. This is all fabricated for the sake of undo attention and validation. Don’t be fooled by a fake honorary degree that was bought from a diploma mill. There are plenty Black women to applaud who actually earned a college degree.

    • Not knocking honorary doctorate degrees, but it takes away from folks like myself that went to hell and back to earn my doctorate. The intense course work and years it takes to prove that you are worthy (years of college, research and dissertation and oral defense). Umph Umph Umph! Someone mentioned in a post about graduating at the top of her class. I agree that there is no such thing when earning your doctorate. Kelly needs to cut it out with the shenanigans.

      Dr. K Rowland

      • Uppity Negro on said:

        Dr. Kimberly Rowland, congratulations and thank you! Kelly Price’s Instagram posts are misleading and deceitful. Global Oved Dei Seminary and University is reportedly a diploma mill. If you go to their website, under the Academic tab, you can choose the honorary degree you would like to buy. Just send in two references along with your resume and the all-important fee and they will send you an honorary doctorate. It is equally sad that she bought a valedictorian shawl and took a picture with it to imply she graduated at the top of her class! First, she didn’t attend class. Seconded, valedictorians are at the high school level. At the college level, you graduate with honors, summa, magna, or cum laude. Thank you for the truth and for refuting this impostor!

  2. Uppity Negro on said:

    GODSU’s website allows you to pick the honorary doctorate that you want to buy. You just send in two references, a resume and pay the fee and the diploma is your’s. To put things in perspective, to earn a real PhD, you must first earn a bachelor’s degree (4+ years), then earn a master’s degree (2+ years), then complete the PhD coursework (2-3), pass the oral and written comprehensive exams (1 year), and finally research, write and defend the Dissertation (4-5 years). So, to earn a PhD it takes most students approximately 15 years from the beginning of undergraduate studies. Honorary Doctoratea are bestowed by a university to recognize people who have achieved in a particular field. It is a recognition award, not an academic degree. GODSU allows people to simply pay for the honorary doctorate. Sadly, she even went out and bought a cap and gown and falsely claimed she was a co-valedictorian, which is only at the high school level.

  3. The school is Global Oved Dei Seminary & University (GODSU), a degree mill that will give anyone a degree as long as they pay. It is an uncredited school, so they have no education standards to meet. So this isn’t even an honorary doctorate. It’s just a fancy piece of paper.

    • Uppity Negro on said:

      Her honorary doctorate is from Global Oved Dei Seminary and University (GODSU), which is a diploma mill. Their website actually has a section under the Academics tab where you can apply to receive an Honorary Doctorate. To receive it, you provide two references, a resume and pay the fee. That’s it!

  4. More on Honorary Degrees

    …”An honorary degree[1] or a degree honoris causa (Latin: “for the sake of the honor”) is an academic degree for which a university (or other degree-awarding institution) has waived the usual requirements, such as matriculation, residence, study and the passing of examinations. The degree is typically a doctorate or, less commonly, a master’s degree, and may be awarded to someone who has no prior connection with the academic institution …

    The degree is often conferred as a way of honouring a distinguished visitor’s contributions to a specific field or to society in general.[3] It is often given to graduation speakers at a university or college, and the university may derive benefits by association with the person in question. The degree is not recognized by employers as having the same stature as a corresponding earned doctorate degree and should not be represented as such. It is sometimes recommended that such degrees be listed in one’s CV as an award, and not in the education section.[4]

    With regard to the use of this honorific, the policies of institutions of higher education generally ask that recipients “refrain from adopting the misleading title”[5] and that a recipient of an honorary doctorate’s use of the title “Dr” before their name should be restricted to engagement with the institution of higher education in question and not within the broader community.[6]

    • specialt757 on said:

      Okay got it, thanks, I see the article that you refer but something is wrong with my desk top browser, it won’t open any article on the page. I’ll have to do it later from my phone.
      @ jenivert, Thanks, however, I was not asking what an honorary degree was, I’m very aware of their purpose. I was asking uppity how he/she knew it was an honorary degree Kelly received.

      • I apologize; I didn’t mean to imply that you didn’t know about honorary degrees. I found some info though.

        …”Here’s the story, it seems Kelly Price did not actually attend the school that she announced on her Facebook and Instagram pages, which was the Global Oved Dei Seminary in Florida. She did receive a degree from the school, but it was an “honorary degree”. So like some fans are saying, that her post is very misleading and people believe that she actually earned an academic degree, but in fact it was an honorary degree. One fan, @phdbeauty said;”….

        – See more at:

      • specialt757 on said:

        Good information Jen, wow this article and the IG posts are very misleading if she received an honorary degree. I guess the more money you pay the higher the “honor” you receive, because clearly it states “graduates with top honors”. I’m really baffled behind this. It’s time consuming and a lot of hard work to “earn” honors and degrees such as these Kelly received. It’s disheartening to learn this is a degree from a “school” without accreditation and one where you can buy a degree. I still hope it’s not true but it’s sad and also trifflin’ if it is, dang.

  5. Uppity Negro on said:

    This is an honorary doctorate, not a real degree! I don’t know why she is pretending like she actually went to school and earned it. Honorary Doctorates are given to celebrities who make donations or who speak at graduation ceremonies. They are nothing more than a gift, such as giving a plaque to a speaker. People who receive honorary doctorates are not permitted to call themselves Dr. Other notable people who have honorary doctorates and tried to call themselves “Dr.” include Farrah Gray, Maya Angelou and Sheryl Underwood. Kelly is trying to give the impression that she earned a doctorate degree! Don’t believe the hype! Why didn’t she list the school or academic program? Also, colleges don’t have valedictorians, you graduate with honors. Only high schools have valedictorians!

      • @ specialt757 Honorary Doctorate Degrees Overview

        …”Many schools, public and private, recognize individuals who make notable contributions to society by awarding them honorary doctorate degrees. Distinguished philanthropists, musicians, politicians, authors and scientists often receive acknowledgment for their exemplary accomplishments and achievements that serve a greater good.

        Recipients of honorary doctorate degrees do not earn the degree through academic achievements, rather with generous and altruistic actions or lifetime accomplishments that benefit a community, nation or humanity in general. Some schools allow candidates to apply for consideration for the degree, while others require nomination by a third party. Each university that confers honorary degrees establishes its own criteria for acceptance.”…

    • @Uppity Negro …”Honorary Doctorates are given to celebrities who make donations or who speak at graduation ceremonies. They are nothing more than a gift, such as giving a plaque to a speaker. People who receive honorary doctorates are not permitted to call themselves Dr. “…

      Ms. Price is a really gifted person but you are right that honorary degrees are not based on educational merit.
      Types of Honorary Doctorate Degrees

      Depending on the achievement, schools may present different types of honorary doctorate degrees. Some schools may offer only a Doctor of Philosophy degree, while others bestow a degree based on the accomplishment of the recipient. A few examples include:
      •Doctor of Humane Letters – acknowledging academic distinction
      •Doctor of Laws – awarded to professionals in the field of law
      •Doctor of Literature – honoring extraordinary authors and journalists
      •Doctor of Science – recognizing revolutionary scientific research and discovery
      •Doctor of Fine Arts – conferred primarily to musicians, actors, architects and artists
      •Doctor of Humanities – signifying exemplary public service
      •Doctor of Divinity – bestowed upon exceptional religious figures

    • Its a very nice honor bestowed upon individual and I’m glad the Ms. Price has been given the honorary degree. She’s truly an amazing songwriter, singer, and talent. God bless her.

    • Shaniqua 'en them on said:

      She doesn’t have it in her. It’s a paid for honorary degree that she bought from a diploma mill called Global Obed Dei Seminary and University. She’s a fake! She is up here lying to folks and seeking praises like she actually did something. You can pick the degree you want and order it from your website. Why lie about college? If you want a degree, go to school and earn it like everyone else! Kelly Price is a hot ghetto mess!

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