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Virginia McLaurin’s excitement when she saw President Barack Obama in person for the first time can best be encapsulated in one word.


And with a shimmy and a shake, the 106-year-old woman opened her arms wide and gave the Leader of the Free World, a Black man, a huge hug.

McLaurin beamed with pride as she gazed upon his face and he held her hands in his. When he smiled and said, “You want to say hi to Michelle?” Her smile got even wider and she let out a loud, “Yeaaaaa!”

Then the dialogue went a little something like this:

“I never thought I would live to get into the White House,” McLaurin said as she looked back and forth between POTUS and the First Lady. “And I tell you, I am so happy.”

After the First Couple assured McLaurin—here on out, she will be referred to as Ms. Virginia—that they were happy to have her, she said in disbelief, “A Black president.”

Michelle responded, “Look at him, right there.”

Then Ms. Virginia got in her sister-girl stance, and said, “A Black wife.”

“That’s me!” Michelle responded.

And what did Ms. Virginia say in response?”


Black History Month has just reached peak Blackness. We love you, Ms. Virginia!

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38 thoughts on “106-Year-Old Woman: ‘A Black President With A Black Wife…Yaaaaasss!”

  1. It was such a blessing that the Lord allowed Ms. Virginia to live to see something that no one ever thought would be, not in this life time. Ms. Virginia you made history, “You Go Girl”!!! I wish I could meet the President and First Lady. This just bring tears to your eyes to see something so precious. Thank you BAW!!!

  2. Beautiful story. I saw them this morning and it just made me smile and think about my grandparents and how they would have loved to see this. What is even better is how any negative thoughts or comments are just not worthy of a reaction.

  3. Awww – Lord, to have to say what is so obvious – she’s 106 and lived through a lot of pain and suffering because of those who have oppressed us – so happy that she had this experience

    • Yawwnnn. What else is new with you Peter? Fool. Typical of your trash and nonsense. If you do not like the story on this site, why do you come in here day after day? Sound like you are jealous of President Obama and have a fear President Obama is going to be view better than white Presidents. That is clear that is your issue with President Obama.

  4. Melanzana99 on said:

    The old ni66er thought Mooshelle was the president because of the bulge in his dress.

    F*ck the ni66ers. F*ck all of you except for Koko well, just all of youse nogs.

  5. Thanks Mrs Virginia, I’m glad you are celebrating Black history month cause seems like everyone has forgotten it’s Black History month not President month or something other than Black History,make god bless you and I’d like to know more about your lifestyle 🎊

  6. mzdenise on said:

    That is a precious Black History Moment. I love it and I’m so happy she was able to witness this in her time. God bless America!!!!!

  7. God’s Blessings!! What a beautiful sight to see
    Now that’s an AWESOME newsworthy story !!
    Yes, Yes, Yes!! Celebrate Black History 365!!
    Much Respect Presudent Obama, Mrs Ovana & Ms Virginia. ENJOY Living & Loving!!

  8. BAW what a wonderful story…. please give us more of these type stories, and less of the of the silly celebrity gossip stories. THANKS!

  9. Mrs. Virginia is such and inspiration!!! The energy she has at 106 is amazing. I am so happy to see a person that has lived through segregation and the civil rights movement have an opportunity to meet our 1st black president!!! Great story.

  10. God Bless Ms. Virginia and her longevity!!!!!!

    This lady at 106 yrs old has no doubt lived/seen much history. However, I know that meeting the Prez and First Lady was a wonderful day for her!!!!!

  11. Ugh…. what a poignant moment, totally brought tears to my eyes once I read this… and I still love my #POTUS and #FLOTUS, may God bless them, and Ms. Virginia and their children’s children for the rest of their lives…

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