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With lot of free time to spare, fired New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher found a way to go on vacation while giving the proverbial finger to his haters – and specifically, Matt Barnes.

Rumor has it that Fisher was fired over his messiness with Gloria Govan, the ex wife of NBA player Matt Barnes. Barnes put the paws on Fisher in an incident that made tabloid headlines, led to fines and suspensions for Barnes, and, allegedly, Fisher’s removal as coach so that the team could make a fresh start.


Well it appears as if Gloria and Derek are still a thing, because he’s currently on vacation overseas with her family.

Gloria, 29, posed for the pic with her family members as they were boarding an international flight.

Derek Fisher is in the back, left; in the hat – smiling and throwing up the hang ten sign.

The photo has since been deleted from Gloria’s Instagram but another account caught it before she removed it.

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(Photo Source: Matt Barnes, Gloria Govan Instagram, AP)

2 thoughts on “Derek Fisher Vacations with Matt Barnes Ex Gloria Govan After Knicks Boot

  1. Your absolutely right Cassanova, she will move on to the next pretty boy, or whoever pays her more attention, or has the heaviest pockets. She must really have that MONKEY, and these two idiots are fighting over her like she’s a rag doll. There is a reason she isn’t with Matt Barnes, there’s a reason why he is an ex, and he just doesn’t want another dog pissing on his tree. Grow up boys, and I do mean boyzzzzzzz. Go out there Matt, and find another woman, and upgrade with someone who is not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well; oh and try intelligent, and a conversationalist, it won’t hurt you dud, will make you look better in the long run. So much, Gloria will loose her mind 🙂

  2. THIS “MF” lost a great job as a head coach in New York over a FEMALE!! I had mad love for D. fisher and always took up for O’l Boy until this BS came out. Fellas, we have GOT to do better!!! No female is worth all that! Guarantee they won’t be together in 2018 and probably less than that.

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