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COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The Rev. Al Sharpton says he met one-on-one with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders Wednesday at a Harlem landmark, where they discussed issues that affect the African-American community around the country.


Sharpton says, “I think it is very important that he sent the signal that on the morning after a historic victory…he would come to Harlem and have breakfast with me.”

Sharpton says the two men talked at Sylvia’s Restaurant about affirmative action, police brutality and the water disaster in Flint.

Sharpton adds that he and various heads of national civil rights organizations plan to meet with Clinton next week.

He says he won’t endorse a candidate until after that meeting with Clinton.

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(Photo Source: Rev. Sharpton’s Instagram)

12 thoughts on “Sharpton, Sanders Dine at Harlem Restaurant

  1. October 1 on said:

    All the candidates should be talking to the AA community. As far as I’ve seen, only Trump had the balls to speak to any AA’s. The Black Lives Matter movement should be on every candidates calendar to have the opportunity to discuss what really is going on the black community. They would be more in touch with masses. The only time we see Al is when someone get murdered. His Kodak moment.

  2. Why any white candidate would even speak to this known racist Sharpton is beyond me. White people lived in caves while we lived in pyramids. The racists EXACT WORDS. The gorilla doesn’t pay his taxes, has incited race riots that lead to the death of a jewish man in Crown Heights and is still a free man. All thanks to black skin privilege and his status as a so called “reverand.” The previous racist AG Holder was protecting blackboy and the racist in charge now is doing the same. Once Trump gets in WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  3. Quite often people say the minimum wage should be raised. While I get the over-all understanding that people should make more money $$….does it really help(?) Prices would have to come down on food, housing prices, rent, etc. for a real benefit because when wages go up say at restaurant, grocery stores, factories, etc. prices for their goods, and services go up (someone has to pay for higher wages, and guess what…it’s consumers who cover higher/pay for higher wages. My point is workers are also consumers so if goods, and services prices go up low paid workers are right back where they started at, and don’t actually realize a wage increase

  4. Sharpton has the right to meet with candidates. And, who said he represents all Black people?!! No more than Hannity, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, etc. represents all white people. Al keep on doing what’s you’re doing!! Anyone that has a problem with Sharpton can step up to the plate, and speak out. Ok…..we’re waiting. And……anyone who thinks they have all the answers can most certainly run for Prez. Again…..we’re waiting!

  5. I’m sure one of the things talked about was if Bernie could get an appointment with Shartons tailor,
    wonder if Bernie had the Government pick-up the check

  6. Timekeeeper on said:

    These insults surrounding l Sharpton are comical. Every time BAW posts anything about Sharpton people react as though a free hot lunch was being served. They open their mouths as wide as they can ( their teeth and tongue replacing the knife and fork and try taking the biggest bite out of him they can. I do not agree with everything Al Sharpton says or does but I do know that Bernie will have to meet with a lot of folks along the way if he wants to succeed. First of all Sharpton has seen and heard the worst from people so these insults are very pedestrian. Second, it says more about the folks doing the insulting, as these choice slogans and mass assumptions only underscore what is inside of people who level hate, bigotry and contempt under the disguise of politics. Whatever Al and Sanders talked about I hope they had a good meal ‘cause tha restaurant has some of the best food in the city.

  7. …and the shakedown begins. I’m voting the polar opposite of whomever Sharpton endorses– that coon does not speak for or represent me!

  8. D MCGRUE on said:

    Rev. Sharpton is meeting with both candidates — what part of this you didn’t understand and he is not endorsing until he meets with them both — DUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Auh Bern you just showed us how out of touch with AA’s you are, you actually felt you needed to go KISS the ring (and maybe something else) of Al Charlatan to garner
    support from blacks I wonder how many bones Al told you to throw at us, not to mention if he wins renewing Al’s white house gate pass.

  10. Beeg1984 on said:

    That just killed it for me. Anyone Al Sharpton is for, I just don’t trust.. If he know what is good for him, he will get that REV. from the beginning of his name, cause there is no way he or Jesse Jackson are Reverend.. You can’t act anyway and call yourself a Reverend. Just saying…

  11. It will be interesting to see if Sharpton hold Sanders and/or Clinton feet to fire, something he refused to do with Obama, because Obama was black. You can’t have it both ways, Rev. Al.

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