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Virginia police arrested Tracy Lawrence after she reportedly punched an assistant principal, knocking the woman unconscious, during a meeting at her child’s school.

ABC 13 reports:

Just before 2:30 p.m. on Jan. 27, the school resource officer for Lakeview Elementary School received a telephone call about a disorderly parent in the main office.

The school resource officer immediately responded to the school but the parent had already left the location.

After speaking with witnesses, the school resource officer determined that the parent came to the school to speak to an assistant principal about a matter involving her child. After being unsatisfied with the administrator’s final decision on the matter, the parent stood up and hit the administrator in the head, causing her to briefly lose consciousness.

The parent then became disorderly, shouting and drawing attention to herself, before leaving the school.

No children witnessed the physical altercation with the administrator or the parent’s behavior in the main office.

After obtaining the parent’s information, the school resource officer located her at her home and took her into custody without incident.

The parent has been identified as 43-year-old Tracy Lawrence of Portsmouth. She has been charged with assault and battery and disorderly conduct.

She is currently being held at the Portsmouth City Jail on a $10,000 bond.

Watch below.

Fair or foul?

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(Photo/Video Source: ABC 13)

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18 thoughts on “Mother Arrested After Knocking Assistant Principal Unconscious At Meeting [WATCH]

  1. theonlysaneperson on said:

    Why does everything always have to be about black and white. Race nor the former president had nothing to do with the parent coming to school with that type of behavior. Parents does not discipline their children anymore.

  2. All you sorry chicken shit pecker woods need to shut up! Maybe if she would have shot his punk ass you fools would be happy. Sick of you wild animals calling my people animals. Poof I want all caucasians to disappear. The world will better off.

    • Your Mother didn’t think so … she loves black dick. Get her to explain that too you if you can get her to stop sucking on one … Bitch


    damn shame acting like that. somebody said his ass was bad and she tried to refute the situation, uh yep he bad and he get it from his mama…..

    • Timothy Green on said:

      Are you ignorant or just stupid?!?!? … How the hell is violently attacking someone when your child isnt in danger “protecting your young one”?? … Please go have a seat somewhere Mr Morgan

      • Artel morgan on said:

        A former president used soldiers to kill Iraquies and their president it cost america billions of dollars and soldiers die was he ignorant and stupid

      • Timothy Green on said:

        That former president was extremely ignorant & stupid & to this very day we’re still paying the price for his stupidity.. So basically you just confirmed that your a FUCKING idiot, thank you

    • Danise on said:

      All being violent at the school did is just make her look bad. How do we know that her child was just as bad as mom? When has attacking a school official ever been good for a child. If she felt her child was being mistreated then she should have taken it further than principle now all she did was prove her ignorance by resorting to violence.

    • apparently that is the type of environment you live in and it’s OK whit you , that’s sad because when racist refer to us as “ni@@er savages” your giving them the the reasoning and cause to point to

  4. Timothy Green on said:

    WTF!!!!! …. No matter what the situation or disagreement was UNLESS she was attacked there was absoutely NOOOOO reason for this woman to put her hands on anyone, im hoping this was a momentary one time lapse of judgement on her part, althought realistically thats probably hoping tooo much

  5. specialt757 on said:

    Fair or foul? Are you kidding me?

    We teach our children how to behave by our own behavior. Is this what we want our children to learn about how to resolve conflict?
    What happen to the days where the parent(s) came up to the schools and whipped the child’s behind for not doing the right thing? Obviously, that’s a thing of the past. But look at our prisons today…this new parenting style, is the result.

    Another nominee for the MOY award.

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