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Believe it or not, President Barack Obama was not the serious student with good grades like folks thought he was.

According to his wife, it took a bit before the commander-in-chief got motivated to become the success he eventually became. During an appearance on “The Real” on Tuesday, First Lady Michelle Obama wasn’t shy about breaking down what Mr. Obama was like in high school as the show’s hosts wanted to know who got better grades  between her and the leader of the free world.

After revealing it was her, Mrs. Obama revealed that it was because her husband “fooled around” in school, The Huffington Post reports.

“He didn’t take school seriously in high school,” the First Lady shared. “He barely got his work done. He was a bum. And it took him a second cause he, you know, he had to grow up a little bit.”

As the interview progressed, Mrs. Obama mentioned that despite heading straight to college immediately after high school, it would be a bit before Barack got serious about what he wanted to do with his future.

Turns out, Barack transferring to Columbia University was the moment FLOTUS said her husband got a grip and decided, “I gotta make something of myself. I gotta get it together.”

Speaking to viewers and The Real hosts, Mrs. Obama delivered words of inspiration, saying, “It is never too late. The president of the United States screwed around in high school and he still got his act together. He did OK.”

To see Michelle Obama’s appearance on The Real, check out the video below:

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