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A fragrance company is suing Jay Z over allegations that he didn’t do nearly enough to promote his line of cologne with the company.

Parlux Fragrances says it made a licensing agreement to use his name and image for the brand Gold Jay Z in 2013. Parlux says Jay was supposed to promote the brand on his social media and through appearances, but he declined. The company says he refused to push the product on “Good Morning America” at Macy’s and in Women’s Wear Daily, according to TMZ.

The deal also called for a line of follow-up fragrances that Jay helped develop, but according to the lawsuit, he dodged meetings and the new colognes never materialized.

Parlux says it expected to make roughly $50 million over 2 years, but instead the whole deal has caused a loss in revenue and stores are

returning unsold inventory.

Jay’s former perfume partners want damages of at least $18 million.

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2 thoughts on “Fragrance Company Sues Jay Z Over Cologne Line, Says He Didn’t Do Enough Promotion

  1. Selling crack and selling perfume are two totally different things. Just because he was good at selling crack, doesn’t mean he’s good at selling smell-me-goods, as my granny used to call them.

    • Timothy Green on said:

      LOL!!!!!! …your a clown for that one, will be interesting to see what the details of his contract with this company actually stated what he had to do & not do, because if he made a bunch of promises word of mouth but they didnt have it all drawn into the contracts then he was under no real obligation to do jack shit

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