If my parent has glaucoma, will I get it too, or should I just screen for it? 

There is a high possibility that you could develop glaucoma and should have dilated eye examination.

Can children get glaucoma?

Yes it is called congenital glaucoma.

I am 63-year-old born with congenital cataracts. I’ve been seeing doctors since I was 47-years-old. I am blind in my right eye. They want to operate on my left. But I won’t let them. They say if they operate on it, it may detach. I have a little vision left, but I figure little is better then none. What do you think?

If you have faith in your doctor and he or she has outstanding surgical results, I would recommend surgery to see better.

When should you see an ophthalmologist or an optometrist?

In conditions in which medical and surgical options are warranted.

Will cataracts lead to glaucoma?

In some cases, there is a association of cataracts with secondary glaucoma.

Dr. Copeland are you a fan of Lasik surgery? No blade Lasik, in particular. I am 45 and I have an eye appointment today about it.

I am a fan of both PRK and LASIK laser correction for refractive errors.

How do you test for glaucoma? Is it possible people have it and don’t know it?

It starts with a dilated eye examination, gonioscopy, corneal pachymetry, visual field and OCT testing.

Dr. Copeland, you stated glaucoma is not curable. However, my son who is actually 27 today, was diagnosed with glaucoma at 5 months old, but he has no signs of glaucoma now. Is it likely to recur? 

He will have to be monitored regularly for the rest of his life to rule out developing glaucoma.

I’ve never had my eyes dilated. I pay the extra $35 out of pocket for the machine they lease, but insurance won’t pay for. Is it just as effective?

Normally, your insurance pays for a dilated examinations, but in some instances you have to pay out of pocket for ocular refraction.

Does it make a difference in going to a ophthalmologist or optometrist for annual exam? 

In some cases no, but if it is a medical surgical condition, I would recommend an ophthalmologist.

Does fibromyalgia affect your eyes? If so, how? I have fibromyalgia and bright light is painful to my eyes. 

Blurred vision and ocular pain can associated with fibromyalgia. You should see your internist or rheumatologist in concert with the ophthalmologist.

My question is which specialist (optometrist or ophthalmologist) should I see because I don’t wanna be just told I need glasses…. I want a thorough  examination...

You should have a dilated examination by an ophthalmologist.

Can too many beta blocker drugs effect your eye pressure and other areas of your body?

Two of the side effects of beta blockers causing are that they cause pulmonary restriction and it impacts the heart. Before you are started on this medicine, your primary care physician should be informed.

Dr. Copeland, I’m a 47-year-old Black male with diabetes and hypertension. I recently spent 3 days in the hospital due to diabetic ketoacidosis. For about two weeks after discharge, my eyesight had deteriorated but has restored itself. I have an optometrist that I see once a year. Also, my grandmother had glaucoma and went blind because of it. My question is given my high risk factors should I see an ophthalmologist in addition to my optometrist?

The answer is yes and it should be a glaucoma specialist.

Are any of the diabetic eye diseases that cause blindness reversible?

Yes, early signs of diabetic eye disease can be reversed with tight glycemic and diet control and with medical and surgical treatment if indicated.

Can the doctor tell us about optometrist’s education? 

Optometric training is the two to four years of training after college in optometry. Ophthalmology training is four years of medical school, three years of medical and surgical ophthalmology residency training and one to two years fellowship training after college.

What can I do about my night blindness? What should ask the doctor when I go for appointment on the 18th?

I would recommend a complete eight part eye examination to systematically rule out or in what is causing your night blindness complaints.

Hello, what wrong if your eyes are in pain? If you wear shades your eye feel better? 

Sunglasses are a temporary solution and I would recommend you get a complete eye examination to rule a more serious problems for your eye pain.

How can you tell when cataracts are mature?

A cataract is mature when your quality of life is affected by inability to read, conducting outdoor activities, glare around lights and not able to see faces or objects. It is time to talk to ophthalmologist about cataract surgery.

Can the doctor explain cataracts………treatment, cure? 

A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s natural lens, which lies behind the iris and the pupil. Cataracts are the most common cause of vision loss in people over age 40 and is the principal cause of blindness in the world. The only cure for a visually significant cataract is surgery.

I was diagnosed with glaucoma at age 21. I’m not diabetic or hypertensive. Can it be hereditary? The is a high incidence of glaucoma, hypertension and diabetes in the African-American diaspora.

Are there any foods that can help eyes to prevent glaucoma or slow it down? No

Is blurry vision a sign of glaucoma – especially at night?

It can possibly be an ocular symptom in glaucoma.

Question for the doctor: is there a relationship between glaucoma and cataracts? 

There are situations where cataract and glaucoma are present at the same time in an individual.

I have an awful family history of glaucoma (granny, 2 aunts and 2 uncles – my mom has the nerve damage but no pressure). I’m 41 and just learned that my pressure is getting high, but I have no nerve damage. How do I work to reduce the nerve damage? I have seen what the disease does.

Make your sure that you have regular eye examinations that in corneal pachymetry, visual field testing and OCT of the nerve fibers.  This determine when treatment is indicated.

What are some cures for eye twitching?

In most cases, it is a nervous twitch which is a temporary situation, but if the condition persists go see your eye care professional.

I was diagnosed with narrow angle glaucoma and was told I had to get laser surgery to cure it. Was this wrong? 

It is a important first step, but you will need regular eye examinations to monitor your eye status.

Where can I learn more about glaucoma and African-Americans?

Visit www.nei.nih.gov/glaucoma or call the NEI at 301-496-5248

If I have diabetic eye disease can I get glaucoma too?

Yes, especially if you African-American or Mexican.

The doctor discussed the difference between optometrists versus ophthalmologists. Which one should we see every 1-2 years or does it make a difference?

I would make only one suggestion – that the eye care professional is board-certified.

What’s wrong with your eye if its hurting and it feels better if you wear shades?

Sunglasses are a temporary solution and I would recommend you get a complete eye examination to rule a more serious problems for your eye pain.

I was diagnosed with glaucoma last month. She said l have nerve damage in one of my eyes and high pressure in both. I am on two kinds of eye drops every day. And l have to wear bifocals fulltime. Will this keep me from going blind? 

It sounds like you have advanced disease in one eye and high pressure in both. I would make sure you are seeing a glaucoma specialist and laser and glaucoma surgery may be indicated if your eye pressures can’t be controlled.

Is it possible to get glaucoma in one eye?

It is possible in certain situations but it is normally a bilateral disease.

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