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Actor Michael Jai White went on a long and rambling Facebook rant about a number of issues, but mostly sounding off against infidelity in the black community, and how the adulterers are defended by some who blame their persecution on racism.

White wrote: “There’s the omnipresent and all powerful “THEY!” T.H.E.Y., I call them, The Honkeys For the Eradication of Y’all! “They” set up Bill Cosby! Oh sure. If he never drugged anybody he’s still the most self righteous, judgmental and biggest known serial adulterer we’ve ever known without relying on our creativity and analogy to paint him differently.

Michael Jai White and wife Gillian Waters

Michael Jai White and wife Gillian Waters

The actor went on to call out a number of notable black men as cheaters, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson, and – of course – Bill Cosby.

He wrote: “Being an Actor from NYC, I as well as countless others know how “busy” Cosby was in the 80’s and believe me, “THEY” knew it too but “THEY” never came out with the headline “Americas Most Beloved Father Is Cheating His Black Ass Off,” did THEY? If THEY wanted to take Cosby down wouldn’t that be the best time? I’ve identified this for years as the one double standard that black men enjoyed over whites! Let Seinfeld be married and do that sh*t! Lol. Remember Hugh Grant was practically destroyed from one encounter with a hooker?

“I’m a black man who’s disturbed by the fact that we can have infidelity in our lives and it NOT BE A BIG DEAL! It’s like society is saying being faithful is above black men and below whites. MLK, Jessie Jackson, Cosby… the list goes on.”

Read his entire post below (click to see entire post):