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LisaRaye McCoy makes her directorial debut on Skinned, a 90 minute film that follows the global epidemic of skin lightening and touches upon the important issues of color, self-esteem and acceptance.


“The name grabs you. You think nakedness. But what it is is an epidemic about skin bleaching. It speaks to the insecurity in you and what you believe beauty is,” McCoy said.

Why she wanted to get involved in the project?

“I’m known for beauty. I thought it would be more controversial for a light skin woman to do a subject like this. When it came to me to direct, I wanted to get my feet wet. I’m happy to have such a controversial matter talked about.”

What type of consequences come from bleaching?

“This causes skin cancer. In the summer, you’re wearing gloves and scarves. There are reprocussions taking this over the counter drug.”

Skinned premieres January 9th on TV One.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

Lighting vs. Lightening OR Black & Bleached
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