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With being charged for the first time with aggravated indecent assault amid allegations of sexual assault and drugging various women, Bill Cosby’s legal troubles have once again become the top story.

For Eddie Griffin, the situation is reflective of the plight of many black male celebrities in the entertainment industry.

“There is a systematic effort to destroy every Black male entertainer’s image,” Griffin told DJ Vlad while discussing Cosby and Michael Jackson. “They want all of us to have an asterisk by our name.”

The reality of Griffin’s comments is something the funnyman emphasized as he cited Cosby and Jackson while voicing his belief that the illicit behavior of most black male entertainers results in them being singled out.

“Nobody leaves this business clean,” he stated when touching on cases of other black male celebrities. “You’re not going to die clean.”

To see Griffin’s interview with DJ Vlad, check out the video below:

Celebs Who Have Been Accused of Sexual Assault
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(Photo/Video Source: Vlad TV Youtube)