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When is the last time you purchased your Virgin Indian Remy Hair or your lace front wig from a black owned beauty supply? An organization in Texas is on a mission to make sure African American customers are knowledgable of their hair care options.

Members of the Waxahachie Study Group, an organization comprised of followers of Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Justice or Else Movement protested in front of a Texas beauty supply.

The demonstrators held signs out front of the store and discouraged patrons from walking in by providing a list of other Black owned businesses that they could patronize.

This didn’t sit well with the owner of the store who confronted one of the protestors with the following exchange:

Beauty supply owner: Why are you only doing this here? We did something wrong?

Demonstrator: No, we didn’t say you did anything wrong. We’re trying to enlighten our people and let them know that there is a black beauty supply that offers the same services so we are trying to redirect them to shop with their own people first before they shop with someone else.

Beauty supply owner: But I think this is not right.

Demonstrator: You think it’s not right for someone to support their own before they support someone else?

The store owner then called the police claiming the protestors were on his property when in actuality, they were protesting on public property.

“You pay rent for your one store. That doesn’t give you authority over the sidewalk and the parking lot” said the officer.

Watch the video of the incident and let us know if you think the Waxahachie Study Group’s protest was effective.

Beauties, what black owned businesses do you support?


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17 thoughts on “Korean Beauty Supply Owner Calls Police On Protestors Directing Customers To Black Owned Businesses

  1. Do Farrakook’s followers actually think that blacks don’t know about black beauty supply businesses in their own area? 30 minutes after they leave, the ones they scared away will be right back at Wong’s door. He won’t lose one customer. He’ll probably get new business.

  2. Herb Hudson on said:

    Do what ever is necessary until they respect US in our own country.. FUCK what everybody else says otherwise..

  3. Peter Johson,

    Have you ever heard about “Black Wallstreet” and “Rosewood?” When black people had their own businesses; what did whites do? They became very jealous, and bombed and burned every black-owned business to the ground; and also looted them!

  4. Jacqueline on said:

    People should be able to shop were they want.they shouldn’t be bothering the customers.ifntherenis a black shop then post sign and the customers can go if they like.sometimes blacks are cruel to there own is why some go to other business that are not black owned.its not right to stand in front of someone else’s business and tell customers not to buy there. Respect there business.

  5. Y-vonne on said:


    • Why am I so angry! Here is why 70 percent of black kids are born without a father, 12 percent of the population commits over 50 percent of violent crime. 30000 white owmen raped a year at the hands of you savages. These are true statistics!

  6. Mac Ben on said:

    All the Asian has to do is call the distributor (who is likely asian) and cut-off the black shop’s connection. Fight fire, with fire. It is wrong to assemble outside this shop, the black shop should advertise like any reputable business instead of this low-class hijacking.

  7. True American on said:

    There is a black female beauty supply business in Snellville, GA minutes from Atlanta call T&S (Truth & Spirit) Beauty Supply. Please support this business for those who are in the area.

  8. Christian holy days isn’t in December but September Yom Kippur & April Passover..stop celebrating the traditions of Christmas Jesus fulfilled the law there’s no holy days in December except Sabbath. We should have church on Saturday too Sabbath on Sunday worship that’s the Roman church theology..Our faith doesn’t stem from Rome or Italians but Bethlehem, Jerusalem & BLACK HEBREWS.. Be blessed

  9. I don’t believe they should be standing in front of the mans store..just advertise black business to the community then we’ll know who’s selling what. Word of mouth people lets not use strife to start a revolution about weave I mean really. We shouldn’t be wearing that mess anyway can’t blame nobody but ourselves. Just advertise

  10. We should be protesting in front of all of these Asians shops, when have you ever seen Asians supporting a black business. They do not, we should stop supporting them. The have no respect for African Americas.

  11. African American Woman on said:

    Whoooooo hooooooooooo! Now this is one protest I would GLADLY participate in. This is what we should be doing to raise awareness in our communities about supporting and growing our own communities. Let outsiders go back to their own communities and make money off their own people or others. We should not hand out economic power over to others blindly, who don’t give a flying bleep about us and our communities. This is exactly why I stopped wearing wigs and weaves because each time I entered a Korean owned business, it burned me up so much that I couldn’t take it anymore. Yay!!!!!! This story makes my heart sing!

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