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Three Tennessee high school basketball players have been charged with rape and assault in an apparent hazing incident with a freshmen teammate, according to the NY Post.

The Ooltewah High School players were charged Monday; the incident occurred last week at a rental cabin.

Staff at LeConte Medical Center called officers December 23 after a young man who had been assaulted was brought there by his basketball coach. He was then sent to the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville, where he underwent surgery due to his extensive injuries, noted Fox News.

Jesse Nayadley, the school’s Athletic Director, told the Chattanoogan that the three accused players have been kicked off the team.

The outlet also reported that an unnamed relative of the victim said,

He had to undergo emergency surgery [in Knoxville], as his colon and bladder were ruptured. He is still in the hospital recovering at this time.”

The relative said he is expected to recover within two-three months, but is suffering from nightmares and even thought he’d die as a result of the assault.

All parties are minors and have been charged as juveniles.

SOURCE: NY Post, Fox News, The Chattanoogan | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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20 thoughts on “Three Tennessee High School Basketball Players Charged With Raping Teammate

  1. This is the worse…. They should be charged as adults. Hazing for what… all school programs on all levels should be harshly penalized if this type of behavior occurs on school property. I’m not sure where this happened nor is it the responsibility of the school staff and coaches to raise kids, but there has to be some type of change to prevent these incidents. These boys are sick!

  2. They have caused irreparable emotional damage to this young man they are mentally deficient and should be treated in the system like adults. Registered sex offenders for life. This is sick sick sick

  3. jacqueline perry on said:

    its sad…were these kids get all this booty hole crap are doing it to women to.this is the easiest way to get diseases messing in folks butt male or female…stop.stoo.

  4. on said:

    This is sick but the devil rules on earth! Everyone keeps pushing homosexuality on us! These kids think its cool!

    • BS! No one can’t push anything on you. Stop making the excuse for a minority of the society doing evil and giving credibility to the devil. The devil can’t make you do jack!

      • Look who’s back from another incest adventure! Time to shut you down and let everyone know who you are “Lil Pete Johnson”

      • mhoorah on said:

        (Around of applause) Good job! Fighting ignorance with your own stupidity, then putting it on display.

      • If I felt like you do about white people, I would loathe to be on their websites, you really need to find something productive to do with your life, get yourself a hobby and start moving out of that chair in the trailer, travel and broaden your mind.

  5. prerogmy on said:

    Charge their asses as adults!! This is an outrage!!! Those three should not be allowed to graduate nor pursue higher education. Lock them away for years and register them as sex offenders. That boy could have died.

  6. Daisy white on said:

    This world is crazy! Those sick minded boys need to be charged more then just a juvenile charge. They did something to that poor little child which he will never forget and will hurt him mentally. The Coach should be fired and charge as well because it happen before. I will continue to pray that he have a full recovery for him.

  7. Stephanie on said:

    There is more to this story, this goes way beyond hazing, this is not the first time something like this happened, they are just passing it on, sick little bastard, they also need to look at the coach

  8. Stephanie on said:

    Those 3 little bastard should get intense counseling and punishment. I also believe those 3 little perverts were molested themselves, such a sick and vicious cycle

  9. redbone1954 on said:

    Well this is stomach churning. So sad that people choose to act like animals all the damn time. Praying for a full recovery for the young man.

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