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CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago police fatally shot a 19-year-old man and 55-year-old woman over the weekend, again putting a spotlight on one of the nation’s largest police departments and raising questions about whether its officers are too quick to use deadly force.

The double shooting, which already has led to a civil lawsuit filed Monday, follows the Nov. 24 release of video showing white officer Jason Van Dyke shooting black 17-year-old Laquan McDonald 16 times in 2014. The release of the video sparked persistent protests, forced the resignation of the city’s police chief and led to a wide-ranging civil rights investigation of the entire Chicago Police Department by the U.S. Department of Justice.

The following is a look at the latest shooting, what questions remain unanswered and what’s likely to happen next:


It’s clear that at least one police officer opened fire early Saturday at a two-story home on Chicago’s West Side. Mortally wounded by the gunfire was 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier, who was home from college for the holidays and staying with his father in an upstairs apartment. Also killed was 55-year-old Bettie Jones, who lived in the ground-floor apartment. Both were black. Police were responding to at least one 911 call about a domestic disturbance involving LeGrier and his father. A police statement said officers “were confronted by a combative subject resulting in the discharging of the officer’s weapon.” It added the “female victim was accidentally struck.”



Among the many unanswered questions: How many 911 calls were made? Was one made by Quintonio LeGrier himself? How many officers responded? What was the race of responding officers? How far away were LeGrier and Jones when police started firing? And perhaps most critically: Why did police decide to start shooting?

A police spokesman has declined to comment on the circumstances of the shooting beyond the brief original statement.

LeGrier’s father, Antonio LeGrier, called police, but officers told him later that his son also had called 911 earlier, the elder LeGrier’s lawyer, Basileios Foutris, said Monday.

A cousin of LeGrier’s, Albert Person, says police indicated to LeGrier’s father afterward that the teenager opened the door holding a bat as officers arrived. Person, who spoke to LeGrier’s father at length about the incident, said it appeared shots were first fired at the teenager and Jones was shot as she tried to intervene. But lawyers for the Jones family say that it may have been Jones who opened the door for police and that police opened fire soon after.

Sam Adam Jr., a Jones family lawyer, says Jones and LeGrier were apparently shot near the doorway, but that shell casings were found some 20 feet away. He said that raised questions about whether police could have perceived LeGrier as a threat at such a distance. It couldn’t be independently verified that the casings had any link to Saturday’s shooting.



Video has been central to controversies surrounding other police shootings nationwide, including the shooting of McDonald. Chicago authorities have not said if there is video from the dashcams of any squad cars that responded to the 911 call. Adam says police appear to have checked a security video on a house across the street from where Saturday’s shooting occurred. But it wasn’t known if that camera or other security cameras in the area captured the incident.



Bettie Jones was a mother of five who, a family spokesman said, also had many grandchildren. She had hosted family on Christmas Day, just hours before she was shot. She was known for working with community groups committed to reducing violence, said Person, who said he was also a friend of hers. Person said it would have been in Jones’ character to get up when she heard commotion outside and to attempt to help Quintonio LeGrier.

The 19-year-old was an engineering student at Northern Illinois University, according to relatives. “My son was going somewhere. … He wasn’t just a thug on the street,” his mother said Sunday. She challenged reports that her son might have had emotional or mental illness issues, saying that wasn’t the case.



Foutris filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of Quintonio LeGrier’s father Monday, and attorneys for the Jones family say they expect to file a suit of their own soon. The LeGrier suit in Cook County Circuit Court contends Quintonio LeGrier never had a weapon and never threatened anyone before police fired. The suit, which doesn’t specify an amount in potential damages, also alleges police forced the father to go immediately to a police station to answer questions, separating him from his son as he was dying. The city’s law department declined comment.

The city’s Independent Police Review Authority is investigating the double police shooting, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office has said IPRA would share its evidence with the county prosecutor’s office.

On Sunday, Emanuel called on police and IPRA to review crisis-intervention training.

The mayor said in a statement that he directed the new acting chief administrator of IPRA and the interim police superintendent to meet as soon as possible. He said he wants them to review the training around how officers respond to mental health crisis calls, and determine deficiencies and how to immediately address them.

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17 thoughts on “What You Need To Know About The Chicago Double Police Shooting

  1. Timothy Green on said:

    The rampant ignorance we’re allowing to spread is becoming blatantly disgusting, portraying all whites & police as being out to want to kill us is nooo better than ignorance on the other side that believe all blacks are thugs & criminals …. THE FATHER CALLED 911 STATING THAT HE FEARED FOR HIS LIFE, the cops responded to that complaint & apparently GRIEVOUS errors were made, but to try to paint this situation as if the police responded to the residence with intent to kill this young man & the woman is ABSOLUTELY FUCKING DISGUSTING …. Please do not feed into this type of ignorance & stupidity

  2. My friends and I have been discussing why we dealt with aggressive B more police but we’re still alive!! Lets see we aren’t criminals so no need to fight back, run or just cause unnecessary drama! Even my cop hating child know if I’m called for bail money the azzzz will rot in jail if stupidity is involved (see Sandra Blands make sure mommy/family can afford bail hahaha)!! The media and BLM need a purpose and police has become their purpose. Crime has skyrocketed among black folks. More kids are being murdered but we blame police??? So glad grand juries of cops “peers” aren’t buying the media/BLM hype and see “all” the evidence! Oh finally a truly innocent victim (Chicago mom) who isn’t a criminal, mental case harassing someone, or drama queen. Cut a check for more than what a drug dealer got $6.4 here in B more!

  3. Uncle G on said:

    This recent police-involved shooting where Chicago police killed a 19 year-old college student and a 55 year-old mother of five was a “retaliation” killing. With
    all of the recent bad publicity and scrutiny that the CPD has undergone, you
    would think they would be more sensitive and careful about killing another
    Black Chicago citizen. So why did they kill these two people? Here’s why. Chicago
    Police are angry about the recent on-going protests; angry about the negative
    press; angry about the Federal Department of Justice investigation. These recent
    killings are their way of saying “I don’t care” “We are going to kill whomever we
    please!” Neither one of these killings was an accident. The first mistake was
    calling the Chicago police for a domestic altercation. You trust the Chicago police?
    And because you trusted them and called them, two innocent people are dead at
    the hands of those same police. Chicago police are the dirtiest and most rotten in
    the country. “Don’t trust them!”

  4. African american woman on said:

    Scottyreid, you are correct. We don’t hear about this in other communities because they don’t react like we do. We get half a story and go off on a rampage, whether the police are justified or not. It reinforces the idea that we are a bunch of savage, wild and untamed group of animals who love violence no matter what form it comes in. We shoot each other like we’re going out of style, burn down our communities, fail our children but by reading about cop shootings allows us to avoid dealing with those things and allows us to attribute every ill we have as a people to the police and white people. The media covers cop stories in the black communities because it highlights us in a bad fashion; makes us look irresponsible when we defend criminals instead of kids and innocents, how we tolerate violence from our own, but you BET NOT commit violence on us if you aren’t one of us. How will others and even many black people start to take us seriously when we don’t take ourselves seriously?

    • I’m still laughing how all the media outlets sent their rich light skinned black reporters here (like in Ferguson) to pretend to be down with the poor and ignorant when the fools were burning B more down, so Mosby rushed the charges although FG was caught up in her sting to get drug dealers off that corner. Now the media mad nothing burned down with the hung jury! FG family lawyer on Fox News, Greta, bragging he has sources inside the courthouse he will get justice (made Judge mad so he extended gag order, cases need to be moved from this corrupt thugged out city)! I’m so glad I moved out of B more. BLM is a media driven joke solving nothing……want to impress me go into W B more and challenge that 340 murder rate driven by BLM people the criminals!!

  5. Jacqueline on said:

    Yes.were not only treated differently by white police but black police treat us differently to cause there all sold out for the job.we are treated differently when it comes to our jobs and everything else in this country.just disagree with them and you will see what I mean.might find yourself jobless.they don’t give us a chance when they arrive st a scene they just shoot us.a white man can be the wrongdoer and he is given a chance guns aren’t drawn as fast.

  6. specialt757 on said:

    Monica I totally agree. It has become painfully and clearly obvious how police (specifically white officers) respond to the different groups. Not only that, why is it that we rarely hear about or see videos where black and “other” officers shooting and killing folks period? Did they not get the same training as these white officers?

    • Speaking of videos we never see, why isn’t the MSM playing the videos of the thousands of “unruly” teens rampaging through the Louisville mall? Why were the “unruly” teens driven home by bus? Is “unruly” liberal codespeak for black teenagers?

      • specialt757 on said:

        If you saw the video then you already know what it’s “codespeak” for. I will make no excuse for anyone’s bad behavior, not even for my own children, but also including police officers of any ethnicity.
        But again it’s clear as glass how we’re treated by white officers when responding to a scene. Shoot first and ask questions later as well as “just make it home at the end of the day and it doesn’t matter who else doesn’t” is obviously taught to them at the “secret underground training camps” these cops are privy to.

  7. Its obvious the police respond to black people issues differently. They come with the intent to shoot as opposed to resolving a situation calmly. If LeGrier had been a white boy he would have been tased and later released in the custody of his parents.

    • White people do get brutalized by police and shot and killed by police. Why do people think it doesn’t happen to them? Because the corporate media doesn’t saturate news coverage with those cases and for whatever reason, white people don’t rally together as a community when people unjustly kill someone in their community. However, the data bases of those killed by police show white men are being killed the most by police. The media control of people’s minds to make them believe something doesn’t happen that happens a lot is fascinating.

  8. reflections on said:

    A country divided can not stand!

    One solution to police misconduct is for police be forced as a condition of employment to carry individual liability insurance to pay for police misconduct. Doctors carry malpractice insurance.
    Taxpayers are stuck paying out massive amounts in damages from police misconduct along with continuing to pay officers salaries. Disband police unions and we can begin putting violent extremist police in jail.

    • Disband all unions. No more incompetent teachers placed in rubber rooms collecting a salary. No more auto workers getting high or drunk at lunch time. No more “no show” jobs. No more workers dues going to a political party the worker may disagree with.

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