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The Wade 5s.. This is how we do Xmas.. #lovemyfamily #channelingourinnerjackson5

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Just when you thought this family couldn’t be any more goals.

While the rest of us prepare our ugly sweaters and red lipstick, the Wade family appears to be feeling the ’70s vibe. Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade gave Tylenol a behind-the-scenes look from their holiday photo shoot, and the pictures are priceless.

In addition to their obvious admiration for the Jackson 5, it’s clear that this family just can’t get enough of each other. Watch the group explain what Christmas means to them in the clip below.

What does Christmas mean to us? Togetherness, a win for @dwyanewade & so much more. @gabunion #HowWeFamily

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Even the family dogs got in on the action. Take a peep at some more of the adorable photos of the Wade/Union family below.

Looking at me lovingly or laughing at that hair? Luv this pic! @gabunion #HowWeFamily

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The more, the merrier….even our dogs get in on the fun. @gabunion #HowWeFamily

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Big afros, sweet bell bottoms….its a '70s theme Christmas for the Wade Unions. @gabunion #HowWeFamily

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Could this be the best celebrity holiday shoot of the year? It’s definitely in the running.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram.

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