What about sleep aids??

There are FDA approved medications that can help with sleep. Talk with your doctor to see if any of these medications might work for you. There are over-the-counter sleep aids available as well, but before taking these you should discuss with your doctor.

How much sleep does a pregnant woman need?

It really is different for each woman. Sleep requirements may be different due to pregnancy, so it’s best to listen to your body to make sure you get enough.

I heard coffee can make you sleepy? Is there any help for light sleepers? I wake up 12/3/ and 6 in the morning! When I’m off work I sleep better in the afternoon!

For most people, the caffeine in coffee keeps them alert. But, some people might find that coffee makes them sleepy. It depends on the person!

I’m a school teacher and I know I don’t get enough sleep. My question is: is it possible to be a narcoleptic and an insomniac?

It is possible to have times when you sleep too much and other times when you can’t sleep much at all. The best thing is to get to your doctor to discuss your symptoms and get checked out.

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