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Rev. Al Sharpton gives an update on the rally at the Supreme Court in the case of Abigal Fisher vs. The University of Texas at Austin.

“It was stunning. They permitted Attorney Hardy and I to sit in the hearing. In the arguments against the University of Texas and Abigal Fisher who claims she was banned because she was white….Scalia was really saying, let’s go back to separate but equal. Let’s go back to pre-Brown. He actually said, some of these schools are too advanced for them. For a Supreme Court justice to be voting on diversity…for him to say this, was absolutely stunning. But it shows where we are and why we needed to be there,” Rev. Sharpton said.

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One thought on “‘This Is Going Back To Pre Brown Vs Board Of Education’- Rev. Sharpton On Affirmative Action Case In Texas

  1. Supreme Court Judge Scalia is a racist POS.

    The White b–ch who filed this bogus AA lawsuit is the one who is slow and dumb as a doorknob.
    She simply was not QUALIFIED to attend the college she applied for and came up with the idea to
    launch a lawsuit challenging the Affirmative Action laws.

    When Whites use the language that Scalia used-it means African Americans are Inferior to whites-
    so we should not even consider attending ivy league schools.

    Scalia needs to trade in his Black robe for that White Robe with the Dunce Cap as there is nothing judicial about him!!!!!!

    Scalia, Alito, Roberts and Uncle Thomas have no business sitting on the Supreme Court bench with their antiquated ideas and decisions. The damage they will do will be felt by many generations.

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