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Less than a week after three people were killed in an attack at a Colorado Planned Parenthood, Senate Republicans voted overwhelmingly to end federal funding for the non-profit health organization.

It’s unlikely the vote will turn into law, however; President Barack Obama has vowed to veto the bill, which also contains language to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act.

From NBC:

The bill would also take away the federal dollars that Planned Parenthood, headed by Cecile Richards (pictured) who testified before Congress this year, receives. Democrats tried restoring those funds, but their effort was rejected on a near party-line vote of 54-46.

The House is expected to send the bill to President Barack Obama in the coming days. The White House has pledged that Obama will veto it.

Republicans lack the two-thirds House and Senate majorities needed to override a veto. That means the measure will achieve one thing: giving both parties political messaging they can use in next year’s elections.


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