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Ebony magazine and its new Editor in Chief Kierna Mayo are on a roll. This week, the magazine dropped its second controversial cover in a row. The 70-year-old publications Dec/Jan cover features Grey’s Anatomy actor/activist Jesse Williams, legendary actor/singer/activist Harry Belafonte and outspoken actress Zendaya Coleman. After their last cover featuring a photo of the Cosby show edited to look as though it was fractured, this cover, which includes the annual Power 100, has already generated controversy.


Despite his years of activism, Belafonte has recently experienced some controversy of his own with quotes attributed to former lover Eartha Kitt who says he once told her a Black woman would never help him get ahead. (This story was apparently recounted in One Life To Live actress Ellen Holly’s book, and is years old.) That this potentially happened maybe 40 years ago and that he may have changed his mind if he did say it doesn’t matter; it has some accusing the magazine of anti-Black bias, while others point out that all three of the cover subjects are biracial.

Mayo, who fielded questions about the cover via her Twitter account on Monday night, made this statement about the cover: “It is truly an honor to celebrate the tremendous talents and accomplishments of the honorees on this year’s Power 100 list. From the #BlackLivesMatter movement to technology disruptors to the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies, all of the selected individuals have made an undeniable impact. They represent outstanding examples of greatness, and provide hope and inspiration for the next generation.”

Check out the entire Power 100 list HERE 

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7 thoughts on “‘Ebony’ Magazine Unveils Second Controversial Cover [PHOTO]

  1. I’m sure when Belafonte made that statement, it was “true” to him and the times of that highly charges racial era. I have always admired Mr. Belafonte for his work in entertainment and social activism. You can’t please everybody. Let the woman do her job as editor in chief.

  2. Very well put Avante even if I didn’t get Ebony I would buy it for the cover all three have great accomplishments but leave it to a few handful that need to be attending to other matters let them hate show us what you have done to earn the cover but in the meantime Ms Mayo keep up the good work your magazine is all we got left for us beside jet and they are trying to take that

    • Without self-confidence we are like babes in a cradle. And how can we generate this imponderable quality, which is yet so invaluable, most quickly? By thinking that other people are inferior to oneself. By Virginia Woolf

  3. Harry Belafonte is a gifted and honorable man who is held in high esteem throughout the World. I will definitely buy this issue of Ebony based on the cover. As far as him allegedly saying something years ago, who gives a Damn!! Let’s focus on this great man by reading his autobiography or other books written about him especially during the 1960s and the civil rights movement. Please do not tarnish our Heroes!!

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