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Despite being taught to respect others, regardless of their race, Paul Wall has personally encountered racism outside his hometown of Houston.

In an interview with VladTV, Wall opened up about racism on the road as he touches on the reaction he gets when traveling with his wife, who is black.

“In Texas there’s definitely some racism there, but me personally, I feel the greatest amount of racism when I travel with my [Black] wife to the East Coast. Certain other areas, man, it’s way worse than Texas,” Wall, a father of two biracial children, said.

As the interview progressed, the “Sittin’ Sidewayz” rapper weighed in on the decision of fellow rhymesayer Yelawolf to incorporate the Confederate flag into his outfits. For Wall, Yelawolf’s choice isn’t a problem, in light of the him representing his Southern heritage with the flag instead of racism,

“It means something different for him than what it means to a lot of other people,” Wall explains. “And I ain’t mad at him for representing that, I mean I ain’t mad at him for standing up for what he believe in. ‘Cause to him it doesn’t stand for racism. And Yelawolf [is] not a racist person at all, so when he say that he’s not saying ‘I believe in the Confederate flag and I’m racist.’ That’s just what he stands up for for his culture.”

To see Wall discuss racism in the South and more, check out the video below:

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