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Tamar Braxton will not be returning to Dancing With The Stars.

After being hospitalized during rehearsals for Monday’s show for what her pro dance partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, said was pneumonia, had she not been able to perform, she would have been disqualified. But Braxton pulled it together and made the show to everyone’s surprise.

Watch below:

While obviously in pain, no one expected the singer to pull out the competition, but that’s exactly what happened.

She took to Instagram to share the heartbreaking news. She is apparently suffering from blood clots in her lungs and can no longer compete. She also announced she would also have to pull out of the remaining dates on Kem’s tour.

Check out some of Val and Tamar’s best dancing moments below.

Get well soon Tamar!

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(Photo Source: Val Chmerkovskiy Instagram)

14 thoughts on “Tamar Braxton Leaves ‘DWTS’ After Blood Clots Discovered In Lungs

  1. Hope she gets well but she threw shade at Kim for having to drop out because of health issues. Bindi is going to win this year even if Tamar stayed in.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    I’m not a Tamar fan, however, I thought she was doing a GREAT job on DWTS. There are really good dancers this season and for the first time (because she was doing so well) I watched for more than one or two episodes. I hope Tamar gets well soon and is invited back in a future season.

  3. TheTruth on said:

    Wow! It’s amazing the difference in comments from one website to another. Yahoo comments concerning Tamar are really negative, and BMW comments are very sympathetic to her plight. It’s really sad how America is racially divided.

    • The Truth, I noticed the same thing on most issues if its concerning people of color! People are so hateful, nasty and down right evil! We (blacks) were Gods first human creation and we’re hated for it because of jealousy!!!

  4. God bless you Tamar and please get well soon. Your spunk and devotion to all things, including your family, is what make you you.

  5. hdwilson on said:

    My prayers are for your healing. Last year I suffered blot clots in my lungs. I am doing good now but careful about my health. Please heed the advice of your medical providers. I watch you on the Real and followed on dancing with the stars. You are a very talented entertainer. Get well and see you soon on the Real.

  6. Tamar get well soon. I have so much more respect for you after your stint with DWTS. You are so talent. I felt a connect between you and Val who is so talented s swell. You don’t have to dance another step. You are the winner. You had ME calling in votes for the first time. I love you and your entire talented family.

  7. I was so sure Tamar was going to win. Hope Tamat gets well soon. I wonder why some people who travel a lot get blood clots in the lungs.

  8. Yes Tamar get well soon. I was sorry to to hear about the blood clots around your lungs. I honestly believe that you should have received more exposure from the media. As they did with the other stars. Hang in there and hopefully DWTS will invite you back to show off your talent.

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