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A mother is being charged with manslaughter for her role in the unfortunate death of her one-year-old daughter at the hands of another child.

Yahoo News reports:

Birmingham police spokesman Sean Edwards said the boy beat and killed 1-year-old Kelci Lewis when she wouldn’t stop crying. The mother of the toddler, 26-year-old Katerra Lewis, also is charged with manslaughter for her role in the death of her daughter.

“This is by far one of the saddest cases that I have witnessed and been a part of since I became a police officer,” Edwards said. “This type of irresponsibility on behalf of a parent is totally unacceptable,” he said.

Police said a murder warrant has been obtained for the boy who is now in the care of Alabama’s child welfare agency, the Department of Human Resources. His case will go through the family court system.

Edwards said the 8-year-old was the oldest of six children left alone as their mothers, Katerra Lewis and a friend, went to a nightclub on the night of Oct 11. The 8-year old is the son of Katerra Lewis’ friend. The friend has not been charged.

A 6-year-old who was in the home that night told police what happened, Edwards said, and the information was consistent with the toddler’s injuries. Kelci Lewis suffered severe head trauma and major damage to her internal organs, police said.

Edwards said the 8-year-old is the youngest murder defendant he’s ever been aware of in the Birmingham area.

“I believe the 8 year-old is going to require some intense counseling for the next several years,” Edwards said.

He said the mother’s punishment is “something she has to live with for the rest of her life.”

Katerra Lewis has posted $15,000 bond.


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(Photo Source: Birmingham Police Department)

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18 thoughts on “8-Year-Old Kills Toddler, Mom Charged With Manslaughter

  1. Ms. Smith on said:

    This is very unfortunate and saddens my soul to discover people are not making better decisions with their life and the lives of those they are responsible for.

  2. Dee Gray on said:

    knowledge at 10:53 pm – How is she the father? I’m sure there was a man involved with her getting the baby – “no immaculate conception going on here!” Also, the last time I checked, women are mothers & men are fathers. So again, I ask – where was the child’s father anyway? Maybe he could have protected his child/children.

  3. Dee Gray on said:

    This whole situation is sickening. Who leaves an eight year old in charge of children. He’s a young child himself. I can’t believe these women had to go to the club so badly that they couldn’t make a sound decision, to ask a level headed adult to watch the kids. Just straight up STUPID! Where are the kids fathers anyway? This is yet another instance of making us look bad; I’m sure it’s going to be on the front page of the local papers.

  4. specialt757 on said:

    When I heard this story this morning I was sick, totally disgusted. Yes Kate, when you think you’ve heard it all, even more ignorance that you didn’t even know was possible comes along.
    As already stated the 8 year old’s mother should be charged as well. These two adults are the ONLY ones responsible for this baby’s death.
    This 8 year old boy has no concept of the court system, he probably doesn’t even realize the extent of his actions. How in the hell can he be prosecuted? This is omg…beyond belief. We’re supposed to protect our children from harm and danger, not put them in it.

  5. This is sad all the way around!!! And some of these comments!! Good grief! You people have no compassion or empathy do you?? My heart goes out to these people! Humans are losing their minds! God help us!

    • Timothy Green on said:

      EMPATHY!?!?! Have you bumped your GODD@MN head!?!?! These TWO DIRTY BITCHES left 6 lil kids to fend for themselve so they could could go shake they nasty assess at the CLUB ….THE FUCKING CLUB…… not to go to work!!! …THE FUCKING CLUB … i could have a little empathy bout the situation IF the children had been left alone because she had to do something like WORK… but to go to the club?!?!??! … FUCK THEM TWO DIRTY ASS BITCHES!!!!!

  6. Michelle on said:

    An eight year old has no parenting skills. He might of put in practice what he has heard all his life something to the tune of…”If you don’t stop that crying I’m coming in there and beat your ass.” Black people you know most of you have heard some variation of this. That child should not be charged with murder his mother & the baby’s mother should be given that charge instead for leaving him in charge of so many young ones while they went for drinks.

  7. Every time you think you’ve heard it all. R.I.P little one. Btw, she and whoever dumped sperm into this beast should be spayed, neutered and imprisoned for life. Him just on GP.

  8. The Truth on said:

    Both parents should be charged because they were the responsible although irresponsible adults in this case. Who leaves children to watch over children…I know some people do it but the parents are responsible and have taught their children to be responsible as well. An eight year old watching over babies this is unreal and those women who didn’t act as mothers will have to deal with what they have done. God is not pleased!!!

  9. Nicole Anderson on said:

    I feel what x said how could they just charge one mom. They both should be charged and if that does not happen that still goes to show you the system is flawed really bad. The mother already feel bad she lost her child. What about the irresponsible mother that let her child babysit in the first place

  10. Timothy Green on said:

    This DIRTY ASS BITCH & HER DIRTY ASS FRIEND left 6 lil kids home alone so they could go shake their DIRTY ASSES in the club!?!?! … if the friend was also aware that the kids would be unattended her DIRTY ASS needs to be charged with murder too

  11. So you charge one mother and not the other one?? Hmmmm should they both not be held responsible?? They left 6 children alone and the OLDEST WAS 8!! I didnt stay home by myself until I was 12. Wow!! You charge the mother of the child who dies but not the mother of the murderer?? Im gonna re-read this….

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